After driving north from Adelaide for hours (and with a car full of kids what can seem like a lifetime) you will stumble across the newly upgraded playground at Hawker, located close to the main highway so it can’t be missed!

It’s shaded, fully fenced, toilets nearby and wait for it…4G phone coverage! There’s a slide, some rockers , see saw and enough to keep the kids happy while you have a rest, grab a coffee from the nearby general store and let the kids run off some energy in the shade before the next leg of the trip.

Elder Terrace, Hawker

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  • Where: Hartley Road Flinders Park A nice little playground with enough equipment choice to keep the kids busy for a few minutes at least! It could do with a few extra features as it has no fence, no shade (apart from some nearby trees), no water fountains, no seating and no BBQ. The toilet is only at the nearby footy club, so if that is closed then you are out of luck too. But it does have a cool little wooden boat, a huge nest swing and a heap of regular swings (including one for the toddlers). A good spot for the locals and with the nearby oval, plenty of space for everyone to run around (sadly due to the lack of seating parents will also have to run around as well. Soz.) Hartley Road is fairly busy so keep a watchful eye on the kids at this one.

  • Located at the southern end of the Flinders, this stunning location is one that definitely needs a return visit to fully explore. As a bonafide city slicker, Bendleby is everything that you want it to be when you book your Flinders adventure. The views are simply stunning, the kind that you put on the computer screen saver and wish you could go back. We were met by the friendly Kylie, who showed us the very handy office building which doubles as a shop where you can buy cool merch or BBQ supplies (beer) that somebody (me) had forgotten to bring. With a few maps of the property handed out, we checked into our lovely cabin and set out to explore. Bendleby (which has its own newsletter I might add!), is famous for its 4x4 tracks and to be honest, I was quietly jealous that I wasn’t able to try them out in my Subaru Forester (Although we did push it to its limit on some of the tracks). Even without a big 4x4, there are plenty of amazing areas to explore and you certainly won’t miss out. I recommend Hidden Valley, which is poorly named in hindsight as the track…

  • On the corner of Rogers Terrace and Robert St in Maitland there is a great combination playground. It boasts both the typical metal/plastic style playground with a large wooden climbing section. There is a spinning ride (although beware after rain as it fills with water), swings, a big slide, a digger and climbing equipment. It is surrounded by fence for most of the playground with just a small gap for entering (not secure). It has a car park, shaded seating, a free bbq, a double cricket pitch and it's just a short walk to nearby toilets.Fun for the whole family!