Here is a great fresh playground with something for kids of all ages including at least four separate climbing opportunities.
Set in a quiet suburban street, Don Klaebe is not fully fenced, but feels safe and is definitely worth diverting a little out of your way for a play if you are in the west.
Adjacent the baseball club, there is ample access to a big semi fenced lawn if you want to bring the dog, kite or footy.
For the little people, we love that it is not busy here. We love the steps up to the toddler slide with handrails and we love the sturdy modern toddler swings.
For bigger kids 3yo+ we love the bridge you cross to get to the funky slide, we love the many climbing opportunities and the HUGE nest swing.
For older kids again, there are free tennis courts and a basketball ring.
And our highlight was definitely the car / buggy.
There are no toilets on site, but you will find a drink fountain, bin and afternoon shade thanks to some large gum trees.
No tables / permanent shade.

Big enough to make your stomach flip?

Drummond Ave, Findon SA 5023