Esperance Boulevard Playground, Seaford Rise

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For a little park it is packed with some great activities. The climbing tower keeps the kids amused for ages. The whale and seahorse rockers, lots of nature nearby to explore. But the best part is the flying fox which the kids LOVE!

There is undercover seating however no toilets in the estate. This park is an excellent all ages playground, however we suggest 3+ for the slide as its quite quick going down. For younger children there is a toddler playground just around the corner on Byron Bay Boulevard which also includes a BBQ.

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  • The best thing about this play space situated in Seaford Rise would be its huge amounts of climbing equipment available for the kids. Climb through,up and over there are so many choices. Climbing webs,climbing walls, climbing polls, climbing bridge the kids are set for a challenge on most pieces of equipment. In addition to the climbing equipment the play ground features a mini flying fox, a dual slippery dip and for the little ones a swing set with baby swing and 4 seater bouncy piece . This playground is mainly suited for age 5 and upwards due to the difficulty of the climbing pieces. The little ones can still enjoy a couple of the pieces and can make the most of the huge grass area to run around on or play with balls or amongst the treesThe play ground features a lovely sheltered area with picnic tables. Unfortunately this space has NO fence, No Toilets or BBQ facilities. Parking is easy around the edge of the playground and the Seaford Shopping Centre is not to far away for food and drinks if needed. Nautical Circuit & Seaford Road, Seaford Meadows

  • In the heart of Woodcroft Farm, this spot has lots of natural shade and if you enjoy a hit of tennis, then you are more than covered here! The playground could probably do with an equipment upgrade or so (it certainly has the space and it really would make it a fantastic attraction) but as it is, for the locals it is a nice destination for a walk and for the kids to have a run around. Seated shelter and plenty of parking, but no toilets or BBQ sadly for this one. More for the toddlers and young kids this one, with a couple of slides and swings pretty much covering all this one has to offer equipment wise. Personally, it is just a lovely relaxing spot and if you live nearby it is worth a look.

  • Where: Hartley Road Flinders Park A nice little playground with enough equipment choice to keep the kids busy for a few minutes at least! It could do with a few extra features as it has no fence, no shade (apart from some nearby trees), no water fountains, no seating and no BBQ. The toilet is only at the nearby footy club, so if that is closed then you are out of luck too. But it does have a cool little wooden boat, a huge nest swing and a heap of regular swings (including one for the toddlers). A good spot for the locals and with the nearby oval, plenty of space for everyone to run around (sadly due to the lack of seating parents will also have to run around as well. Soz.) Hartley Road is fairly busy so keep a watchful eye on the kids at this one.

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