Want to know where the best Babysitters in Adelaide can be found? Whether you need an hour or two, a whole day, or even afterschool care, Kiddo has got you covered.

Kiddo takes the hard work out of finding the perfect carer for your kids, connecting parents with local, verified, and experienced babysitters. Download the free Kiddo App now to get started to find the very best Babysitters, Nannies and NDIS Support workers in Adelaide.

How can Kiddo help you?

Life is busy, and one thing we often all wish for is time, and that’s where Kiddo comes in. Kiddo provides parents with freedom and time by connecting them to local, verified and affordable Babysitters and Nannies across Australia. 

Kiddo provides parents with peace of mind, as all carers are working with children checked. Parents using Kiddo have more information about their carers, a streamlined booking process and in app contactless payment. After all Kiddo was made by a mum of two, so she knows what busy parents deserve and expect when it comes to finding care for their children.

Find a Babysitter in Adelaide with Kiddo

Parents can book verified, trusted Adelaide Babysitters with as little as 2 hours notice on the Kiddo app. Whether it’s for a date night, you have an important meeting to get to, or chores or errands to do, Kiddo App is here to help parents connect to a babysitter.

Find Adelaide Nannies for your family

Parents can book verified, trusted Adelaide-based nannies for a short or long term contract via the Kiddo App to assist with their childcare needs. Kiddo’s nannies come with a range of skills and experience, so parents can choose a nanny best suited to their family.

Find NDIS Care for children

Kiddo has a wide variety of verified, trusted carers that hold verified skills and experience for families requiring NDIS care for children. Kiddo’s support workers hold verified skills ranging from low, medium and high level Autism, ADD, ADHD and Down Syndrome. Parents can select a carer best suited to their family.

Why use the Kiddo App?

Kiddo provides parents a safe place to find trusted care for their children.

Kiddo makes it as easy as 1,2,3! There are no joining fees, so parents can simply download to view who is available. All bookings completed on Kiddo app are covered by their Public Liability insurance too.

Going on holiday?

Kiddo app can assist you with babysitters around Australia when you’re travelling so that a holiday can feel like a true holiday with time to yourself to unwind and have fun. Simply change your location in the App to your holiday destination, and browse the babysitters available during your stay.


What a great tool to help busy families. Sometimes it’s just easier to hire help than to ask your parents or siblings for help. My children absolutely loved their babysitter & it all went so smoothly. I especially love the fact I didn’t need to post a job to find a sitter or do the ring around. The app showed me who is available and in a few clicks, my sitter was booked!‘ – Kara S.

Brilliant app – using a stranger as a babysitter sounds weird. But, you actually get better verification of the quality and reliability of the babysitter than you would through an agency – because you read the reviews that other parents have written after using a particular sitter.‘ – Sarah Bastian Jordan

I’ve used this app twice and both babysitters were so nice and great with my boys. The app is perfect for last minute bookings and easy to use. Will definitely continue using this app.‘ – Kathryn Gregory

Find out more about Kiddo, head to their website – kiddoapp.com.au
Find out more about Kiddo’s NDIS and special needs services on offer here.
To view some of Kiddo’s Adelaide Babysitters click here

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