Welcome to the new home of circus and cabaret at the Adelaide Fringe. Situated in the centre of the CBD in the southern half of Tarntanyangga (Victoria Square) Fool’s Paradise will be an epicentre of activity for the Fringe. Presenting three unique venues, each with a stacked program of circus, physical theatre, comedy, music and magic, and an equally impressive program of food and beverage offerings from local South Australian producers.

At The Bunker, The Vault and The Roundabout in Fool’s Paradise, you will be able to see 34 fantastic Fringe shows, such as The Giant Balloon Show, Brilliant Bubbles and Kids In Adelaide favourite, PreHysterical. There will also be a fabulous line up of shows for us adults – check out the full line up here.

Expect a chilled vibe where you can relax with a glass of something and grab a meal before or after a show. The food options are solid with bao, pizza, doughnuts, smoothies and more. For the kids and big kids at heart, there is also a mini golf course! How cool is that?! Head to the bar to pay and grab your clubs and you’re off! ($5 per person to play.)

Busking will also return to the area, alongside scheduled live music acts, in the area that will now take up the whole southern side of the square.

The team from Listo Trapeze will also be running trapeze classes throughout the Fringe – so you can literally run (or fly!) away with the circus at Fool’s Paradise!

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