Located in the gardens of Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka over 100 Fringe acts will perform within the numerous venues within Gluttony. This is the largest of the Fringe hubs. You’ll find a whole range of family friendly activities and interactive installations here.

There’s food options from around the globe including Greek, Turkish, Asian, Indian and many more. If you’re after something sweet make sure you hunt down Skydoodles Fairy Floss and his epic floss creations! Remember, Gluttony is CASHLESS so you’ll need to pay with a card. Sico Donuts gets a worthy mention too.

This season at Gluttony, you will notice there are more entry and exit gates. This is to assist with patron movement in the hub, minimising crowds and congestion and allowing better flow through the site.  Each performance venue has been allocated a gate through which ticketholders for shows in that venue should enter. These are: 

GATE B (East Tce): Entry for Gluttony City Side for non-ticketholders on weekends 
GATE C (Fringe Corner, corner East Tce and Rundle Rd): Entry for Octagon, Virago, Hillside Theatre, Ukiyo, Piglet, Squeaker 
GATE E (Rundle Rd, about halfway between East Tce and Dequetteville Tce): Entry for Cornucopia, Flamingo, Lark 
GATE G (Bartels Rd): Entry for Moa, Peacock and BOREALIS
BOREALIS Entry (Rymill Park Lake): BOREALIS ticketholders most streanline entry is via the bridge next to the kiosk once inside Gluttony Kent Town Side.

It should also be noted that during peak times ‘The Great Wall of Gluttony’ is closed off and Gluttony essentially operates in two halves, which you can not cross over. Make sure you know what side your show is if you are planning to meet friends in the hub – when the venue is at capacity, you can only enter the side that you hold tickets for.

 Click here for more info and a site map to help you find where you need to enter.