Where: Greenglade Drive, Paradise

Do you have a Dinosaur loving kid? Greenslade Playground at Paradise is a lovely little spot with a really cool dinosaur that you (or the kids…but don’t let me stop you!) can climb all over and through a little dino-tunnel! How cool!

The dino is enough to make this stand out from the playground crowd, but it also has a great range of equipment too. With a fabulous 5-swing, which is more suitable for the younger kids, a long slide, some climbing logs and some great climbing equipment, we are convinced there is something here your kids will enjoy.

Being next to the river, there is a lot of great walking trails and also some seating and shelter, but there is sadly no toilets or car park (we just parked on Greenglade Drive).

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  • Victoria Road By accident I came across this play space when in the area. Very much a local little playground attached to the North Haven Footy Club. Fully fenced this playground features a mixture of equipment catering for a few ages but mainly little ones. The large climbing wall frame is a huge feature and is the main piece that caters and challenges the older kids. The toddlers and early school years are the ones that benefit the most from this playground and you will find your usual fun pieces with a swing set and slippery dip. You will also find a few pieces for the little ones to climb on and up which is always good for their development. A few of my favourites at this playground are the bouncy motor bike which is great for imaginative play, the bouncy sea saw and the mini merry go round. Majority of the play equipment is covered by shade and outside the fenced area you will find a sheltered picnic table and BBQ. There are NO toilets at this playground. Provided no sport there is lots of  grassed area for the kids to run around,do hand stands or kick balls. I…

  • On the corner of Rogers Terrace and Robert St in Maitland there is a great combination playground. It boasts both the typical metal/plastic style playground with a large wooden climbing section. There is a spinning ride (although beware after rain as it fills with water), swings, a big slide, a digger and climbing equipment. It is surrounded by fence for most of the playground with just a small gap for entering (not secure). It has a car park, shaded seating, a free bbq, a double cricket pitch and it's just a short walk to nearby toilets.Fun for the whole family!

  • Yorketown Playground is absolutely massive and there is something for everyone. When you arrive you'll notice there's plenty of parking, there's an information booth for the area and some unique art around the place. Once you've parked you'll see a large playground area, a toilet block, a bbq with a shaded seating area and a short walk away, a big lake. We decided to check out the lake first and on our walk down there, discovered nature play spaces for climbing and exploring as well as many little creatures for children to take delight in. The lake is beautiful and there are walking paths you can take. Once back at the playground you will discover a Loch Ness Monster, flower photo booth, challenging play equipment for all ages and a stunning artwork of 2 rosellas. We stayed and played for well over an hour as it's perfect for kids and big kids (if you get my drift ;-))

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