Every child loves a bit of a treat now and then. Admittedly, we don’t send treats to school, except the occasional Tiny Teddies. However, now that my daughter is in “big” school, she comes home telling me about all the lovely treats her classmates have in their lunch boxes. So my go-to treat is homemade muffins. There are so many options when it comes to muffins. Practically every fruit there is can be turned into a delicious muffin.

So back to the recipe. I have discovered the most amazing food blogger. She calls herself Phoodie and she can be found at www.phoodie.com.au  . I came across her Banana and Coconut Muffins the other day.

Seriously, they are so easy to make and you don’t even have to use the whizzer. In fact, it’s better that you don’t. Make sure you don’t overmix.  And as she says, the recipe is flexible. You can use whatever fruit you like.

And these are how mine turned out!

Kids in Adelaide | Eat | Banana and Coconut Muffins Kids in Adelaide | Eat | Banana and Coconut Muffins

The recipe can be found at https://phoodie.com.au/2012/07/15/banana-and-coconut-muffins/

Happy baking!

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