We picked some lemons from Poppy’s lemon tree this morning and what better way to use them than a batch of delicious cold homemade lemonade.

I’ve never made it before, but it was so super easy I had to share.


1 cup caster sugar (that’s what the recipe said, but that seemed like too much for me so I just used 1/3 of a cup and it’s perfect) you might need to experiment with how sweet you like it
1 cup water
1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice.
3 cups soda water/mineral water


Stir sugar and water over low heat until sugar has dissolved. I chucked mine in the Magimix on Expert Setting/40degrees/Speed 3
Add lemon juice and soda water and stir

Serve cold over ice – enjoy!

Next time I’m going to add some ginger (or some vodka 😉 )

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