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Fruit Picking part 2 – Fruit Eating!

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I thought I’d do a little follow up fruit picking post from a few weeks ago when my whole family headed down for a wonderful day out in Maclaren Vale. We spent a few hours picking a couple of HUGE buckets of delicious, fresh apricots, plums and nectarines.

In the weeks that have followed we have become hooked on fresh stone fruit, and eaten our way through about 30kg now! The original 15kg or so were eaten fresh or stewed into delicious stewed apricots (no added sugar – just halved the apricots and put them in a suacepan with a few tablespoons of water for 1 & 1/2 hours until soft!). We had plenty of takers to help us get rid of those as well – with people making them into apricot pie, apricot slice and having them with greek yoghurt for an awesome snack.

In the weeks since we polished off the first hand picked batch, we have been back to pick more once and then picked up a few extra kilos at the central markets too. There aren’t too many apricots left around now, but you can still pick up some perfectly fine (some have tiny scratches or marks) apricots for only $4/kilo which is great for cooking with I think! Peaches and nectarines are even cheaper and still make awesome muffins, stewed fruit and other snacks! We have also had a great, fresh apricot chicken meal with brown rice, plus I tried my hand at this great Apricot and Almond Slice.

Today I heard that blackberry season is in full swing in the Adelaide Hills too so I know what I’ll be doing in the next week or so… (just a reminder to be careful as many blackberries are sprayed with poison so only pick the fruit you know hasn’t been sprayed!). Anyway, I’m off now as I’ve got another pan of apricots stewing away… hope you’re enjoying all the fresh local fruit too! 🙂

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