Follow these easy steps to make your own homemade rollups from 100% fruit!
The recipe is super simple and a great way to use up extra fruit you have leftover, or if you’ve been fruit picking and need ideas for your haul.

What you need.

3 cups of fruit. I used frozen mango I had in the freezer but you could experiment with mixed berries, apricots, necatrines, pears, apples or anything really. Let us know which combos work best.

Add a squeeze of lemon juice, it helps the fruit keep its bright colour

If you want, add a bit of honey, if not leave it out. We added just one tablespoon as a test and it’s YUMMY but you could definitely leave it out if you wanted. We’ve heard a touch of coconut oil is also delicious.

Blend baby blend until it’s as smooth as possible. I used my Magimix, but you could use Thermomix, a blender or your Nutribullet. Try and get all those lumps out for a nice smooth roll up.

Spread the smooth mixture on a baking tray lined with baking paper, or a reuseable silicone baking mats (I got mine from Seed & Sprout) It needs to be as thin as possible without forming holes, about half a cm.

Turn your oven on as low as it will go (mine was 70 degrees) and wait wait wait until the fruit is no longer sticky to touch. Mine took around 6 hours. Sometimes the edges might go a bit dry if they are thin, you can rehydrate them a bit by rubbing a bit of water on them.

I then peeled the fruit off the silicone mat and placed it onto a sheet of baking paper. I then cut strips using scissors keeping the baking paper with the fruit strap. And then you just roll them up and whack them in your lunchbox.

They’ll keep in the fridge for about 2 weeks – they’ll likely be gobbled up before then though!