Often when the colder months head our way the idea of jumping in a pool for swimming lessons can loose its appeal and it can get hard to get the kids to their regular swimming lessons. With the alarming number of drownings this summer it’s SO important to keep up those lessons so that there’s no catching up to do when it does come time to head back to the beach or the pool when the weather warms up.

The folks at Blue Dolphin Swim Centre at Happy Valley have shared with us why they think winter swimming lessons are just, if not more, important than summer.

Swimming has long been praised for improving heart and lung fitness, continuing through the colder months enables your child’s immune system to stay healthy. Wearing a cap in the water to cover the head and ears will optimize the heat they retain. Ensuring your child is also dry and warm as they leave a swimming facility is also advised, Beanies on!

Deciding to take a break for winter can cause more issues when returning. Children’s confidence can easily be shaken and those who continue year round swimming lessons progress quicker than those who don’t. Taking a break can cause a regression of skills and therefore depletes their confidence. Feeling confident and in control is what enables us to learn, when you take this away the path back can feel overwhelming.

The investment we make into our children’s swimming becomes wasted if we allow regression. Swimming enhances the recovery process from cardiovascular sports such as Netball, Football, Soccer, basketball, and gymnastics. It allows the muscles to stretch and strengthen. Combining swimming with their training routine can only be seen as beneficial.

Water Safety is a year round concern, the dangers of water do not disappear when the weather gets colder. Keeping our children’s skills at an optimum is our best defense.
Sadly the statistics show that there is no decrease in fatalities during this time.

At Blue Dolphin our water is 32 degrees year round with a constant air temp of 26 degrees, our swimmers are our priority and maintaining a steady body temp keeps our children comfortable. It sure beats standing our in the rain at a football/netball game!

We’d love to see your children come swim with us at Blue Dolphin “Where it’s summer all year round”

Blue Dolphin Swim Centre
184 Chandlers Hill Road Happy Valley South Australia 5159 (enter from Glory Court)
Phone: (08) 8322 6566
Facebook: /BlueDolphinSwim

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  • /ləːn/ verb: gain or acquire knowledge of or skill in (something) by study, experience, or being taught.

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