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You’ll be impressed with your choice of local childcare services, but no more so than Kozy Kids located in the heart of the Cedar Woods development. Kozy Kids at Glenside boasts brand-new, purpose-built environments developed through a collaboration between architects and the Kozy Kids team. This means their environments are not only functional but built with an understanding of children, education, and quality care in mind. The new development builds onto an existing heritage site in a celebration of old and new. The service will become a drawcard for the residents within the development and the surrounding suburbs who are seeking quality care.

A word from the Kozy Kids team:

At Kozy Kids “We don’t just fit in, we stand out” has been our motto since 2017 when we opened our first service. We aim to be not only the leader for the industry but the standard that is aspired to.

At Kozy Kids we are committed to providing high quality care. We have a strong belief that children need to feel secure in a new environment which is why we implement primary caring at all our centres. Primary carers are mentored and trained to engage in responsive and meaningful interactions with children to build trusting relationships which support each child to feel secure, confident, and included. While child care centres are typically group care environments primary caring ensures that there is a carer specifically focussed on caring for each child who uses their understanding of that child’s individual needs, capabilities and interests to maximise their learning and development. We want families to have a place where they can feel secure about leaving their child knowing the educators care about their child as an individual. We want children to have fun in their learning, be curious, ask questions and most importantly feel safe, respected and valued

To find out more visit www.kozykids.com.au

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