Lolly Jar Circus is the social circus centre of South Australia, established in 2013 to provide a safe and happy place for all young people to enjoy circus fun together.

Lolly Jar Circus is an INCLUSIVE arts body which does what all arts bodies should do – opens its arms as wide as it can to as many participants as possible, including those with physical or intellectual disabilities.

Their wonderfully diverse participants are the “Lollies” in the Lolly Jar, all different shapes, sizes, colours and tastes. Classes are full of young people who are able and settled socially along with others who have physical or intellectual disabilities or who are socially at risk. There is an atmosphere of acceptance and respect.

In their regular weekly classes, young people learn new and exciting skills including tumbling, trapeze and juggling. They improve their fitness, gross and fine motor skills. They face fears, practise and persist. They must respect the trainers, themselves, other participants and equipment. They take turns, share and support each other. They achieve in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.

Lolly Jar Circus holds regular weekly classes in line with State school terms at four venues.


The Glandore Community Centre
25 Naldera Street, Glandore, in the Rugby Hall (follow the sign posts – it has a gated playground around it
Tuesdays at 4.15 and 5.25 pm


The Spruance Hall, Spruance Road Elizabeth East
Homeschool class at 2.40pm
Group classes at 4 and 5.10 pm


The ARC Leisure Centre, 531 Lower North East Road Campbelltown
Upstairs in the Program Room (lift available)
Homeschool class at 3.50 pm
Group classes at 5.10 and 6.20 pm


The Windsor Gardens Community Hall
Danby Ave, Windsor Gardens, just off Sudholz Road (NB you cannot turn right off North East Road onto Sudholz Road)
Wednesdays at 4 and 5.10 pm

To find out more visit their website

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