What do you get when you cross a preschooler with a puppy?
Dirty floors is what you get. Very. Dirty. Floors

I have a 3 year old and earlier this year I decided to buy a new rug for our lounge room……..isn’t that just the most ridiculous thing to do. She’s 3. She’s into crayons and textas, loves mud, and drops a crumb like an expert.
THEN we also decided to get a new puppy………OK NOW you can laugh. New rug = Ded already and it was time for a new one already.

Oh Happy Home have a range of rugs, bathmats and other homewares available on their website but their range of WASHABLE RUGS is what I needed. Not only are they super stylish AND machine washable, they’re also very reasonably priced. I chose the large 2 x 3m Cotton Berber Washable Rug in Tan for the lounge room, and added in a 150cm round Cotton Berber Going Dotty Rug in Pink and Toffee for my 3 year olds room. Total price less than $1000 for both including shipping.

Use the code ‘kidsinadelaide’ for 10% off PLUS if you buy in November you’ll get extra discount from their slow November sale! Now is the time to buy!

My order arrived really fast and all packaged up in a great little bag on the doorstep. First thing I noticed is NO SMELL. I don’t know about you but the last couple of “cheap” rugs I’ve bought have a really funky smell about them and I did not notice that at all with this rug. The Oh So Happy Home washable rug range is completely chemical free and made from 100% Cotton.

It took no time to unfold it into it’s new home on the tiles and OH she’s soft! Like REALLY soft. Toe scrunchingly soft. The quality of this rug for the price is excellent. All of the designs are very neutral and most of the rugs have multiple size options to suit your home. Tip: if you’re putting your rug on a hard floor add an anti slip mat to your order. It’ll help protect the back of rug as well as your floors while keeping your rug in place. 

I know what you’re all thinking though. Are they ACTUALLY machine washable?
Truth be told I really didn’t want to test this out so soon. I was enjoying the brand new softness of my rugs too much to risk washing them so quickly. Puppy had different ideas about that and OF COURSE did a wee on the round rug less than 24 hours after we got it. Little s*!t! So it was time to give it the wachine machine test.

The round rug fit easily into my 8.5kg top loader. Chucked it on a cold gentle cycle, said a little prayer and walked away to let it do it’s thing. Came back an hour later and opened the lid expecting to see rug carnage but NO! It was fine. I hung it out to dry because it was a nice sunny day but you can also put them in the dryer. That afternoon the rug was back in her room smelling lovely and clean and still soft as new. How good is that. Tip: To make your rug extra soft again pop your rug in the dryer for 15 minutes or vaccum over it and the fibres will fluff up again.

Unless you have a BIG washing machine at home (12kg +) you’ll need to take the bigger size rugs to the laundromat, but the fact you can have your rug washed, dried and back home within hours is excellent.

Machine washable rugs are also fantastic for allergy kids like mine who are allergic to dustmites and also if you have pets who leave hair everywhere.

Oh Happy Home rugs are designed in Australia and are ethically handmade with Goodweave accreditation which means no forced or child labour was used in the making of these rugs and a portion of sales go to rehabilitating children found working in the carpet industry.

Check out the range of Oh Happy Home Washable Rugs on their website and get 10% off when you use the code “kidsinadelaide” on checkout

We received 2 rugs free of charge from Oh Happy Home for the purpose of this review however as for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above is honest and in our own words.

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