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Do your kids love pizza? Do your kids love mac n cheese?

If you answered yes to both……don’t make them choose! We’ve found a place where you can get both……together……on the same plate! That’s right…….mac n cheese deep crust pizza at Remy’s – Deep Dish Pizza & Bar is a thing…..and it’s a DELICIOUS crowd pleaser of a thing.

If your kids are cheese obsessed like mine this is definitely going to be a winner! Plus the cocktails… YUM! Their menu is chock-a-block full of deep dish pizza goodness. If Mac n Cheese ain’t your thing they’ve also got a bunch of other just as mouth watering pizza toppings including snag n shrooms, triple cheeseburger and the fire breather as well as never fail faves like The Basic B (just cheese) and BBQ chicken. There’s vegan options and they also have fries, garlic bread and fried mozarella if you need something on the side.

It comes with a disclaimer that the pizzas take 30-40 minutes to cook, but when we went there was super speedy service, which is always great when you have kids in tow.

There’s isn’t heaps of room for prams, so just bear this in mind when booking but there is an alleyway outside that creates a bit more space. All in all, Remy’s was a fantastic & delicious experience – we’ll be keeping an eye on their Facebook page as they regularly announce new pizza toppings or specials. As if we needed another excuse to go back!

Remys. Go for the cheese…..stay for the cocktails. It’s in the heart of Adelaide & is the perfect spot to take older kids or teens for a family dinner.

To access Remy’s you need to go through Rundle Mall. Google will tell you it’s on the other side when in fact you need to go into the Mall. The best place to park is the Rundle Place carpark (the old Harris Scarfe carpark) and access via the elevator.

Remy’s Deep Dish Pizza & Bar
No Fixed Address Lane (off Rundle Mall, Adelaide)
Open Wed-Sun
Book via the website

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