Some of the Kids In Adelaide Mums have recently become picnic rug aficionados (it’s definitely a thing) and topping our list is SALTWATER PICNIC CO. Hands down. Not only are Saltwater Picnic Co rugs gorgeous, they are practical and great for the Earth.

How could a picnic rug be good for the Earth, we hear you ask? Read on to find out.

Here at Kids In Adelaide, we spend a lot of time heading to different parks, playgrounds and events (all in the name of research, dear reader. You’re welcome.) and we always need a picnic rug to to sit on that has enough room for the whole family, is easy to wash, a breeze to carry and of course look great too. Saltwater Picnic Co ticks all those boxes! Their picnic rug comes in ten different designs (good luck choosing your favourite, they are all gorgeous!) that are guaranteed to stand out from all the other boring picnic rugs at the park.

One of the best things about Saltwater Picnic Co is that they’re easy to fold back up, no full body origami needed to get it back into shape, and they also sell a tote bag that their rugs fit perfectly into. So while you are carrying everything to and from the car, you don’t need to worry about your picnic rug unravelling.

They are so easy to wash too – just pop them into the washing machine. The first time we used ours, our three year old walked straight through duck poo and onto the brand new rug. Sigh. Not to worry – it all came off in the wash and it came out looking brand new again!

Now, I mentioned that Saltwater Picnic Co rugs are good for the Earth too – every picnic rug is made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, keeping them out of landfill, hooray! The business owner and designer, Emma, also funds the planting of a tree for every rug sold, how good is that?! Here’s some other things we love – the rugs are water resistant, so if you put it on damp grass you won’t get a wet butt. Being water resistant also means that if something is spilt on the rug, you can just wipe it up – it won’t spread and saturate the whole thing and also means that sand, dry grass and dirt won’t stick to it – so you can pack it back into the tote bag and rest easy knowing that you won’t have any surprises next time you use it!

So if you are like us and love getting out and about in the great outdoors (if you need some ideas, check out our ‘Picnic Spot for Every Week of Spring’ feature’), grab yourself a Saltwater Picnic Co rug – you’ll be the talk of the playground!

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We received 3 Saltlwater Picnic co. rugs for the purposes of this review. As for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above information is honest and in our own words.

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