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We have just taken a hit from a gastro bug. It began with our little 5 month old vomiting steadily on Saturday, before hitting my husband and finally getting me. Our 2 year old managed to avoid the lurgy thank goodness.

So, here are my top 11 tips for surviving gastro.

  1. Prevent it spreading. Wash hands, wash hands, wash ALL the hands!
  2. Cover all couches with towels. You just never know when a vomit is going to come up to say hello.
  3. Water, water, water. Drink as much as you possibly can (even if it’s the last thing you feel like doing!). Try Hyrdolyte sachets or iceblocks too. These will help keep your fluids up and prevent those dreaded post-gastro headaches. Children with gastro MUST keep drinking!
  4. If the kids are okay, but you are ill, set up a craft table/reading nook/cubby house that the kids can use independently while you stare down the toilet bowl.
  5. Have new toothbrushes on hand to replace the old germy ones.
  6. Do NOT jump on the trampoline for at least 48 hours following a bout of gastro (note to husband!).
  7. Don’t let young babies go for more than 12 hours without seeing a doctor. Offer them cool, boiled water and breastmilk in smaller, more frequent quantities.
  8. Have enough buckets. We made this rookie error last year when we had our first ever Family Gastro experience. Not good. We now have 3 buckets and two tubs. Perfect for catching all sorts of sprays!
  9. Grainwaves and Lemonade. Just always have these at the back of the cupboard for post-gastro recovery. For the kids, toast and diluted apple juice should do the trick.
  10. Wipe down all the door handles, light switches, toys, TV remotes and your mobile phone with disinfectant when you feel better.
  11. If your kids are not drinking at all, show signs of dehydration (dry mouth, no wee, more sleepy than usual), they haven’t been to the toilet or there is ANY blood present if they do, take them to the doctor!

For more information on symptoms and treatment of gastro head to this website:


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