There’s nothing quite like a few hours fishing to teach your kids the gift of patience! But more than that fishing is a great way to get the kids away from the screen and out into the great outdoors to see some of S.A’s best beaches and waterways. A week on the Yorke Peninsula and an arvo or two squiding on the Marion Bay jetty has prompted me to ask around for some of the most accessible and family friendly places to take the kids fishing in South Australia. Here are some of the spots recommended but I’m sure there are HEAPS more so please comment below if you know a fishing spot in South Australia great for kids and families.

  1. Marion Bay or Stenhouse Bay jetties on the Yorke Peninsula. Both great for squid and tommies with the Marion Bay local shop nearby for bait, ice and lunch (if you don’t catch any fish!)
  2. Any of the beaches along the beautiful beaches of The Coorong.
  3. Drag a rake through the sand for some crabs at Ardrossan, Port Parham or St Kilda.
  4. The jetty at Second Valley
  5. West Lakes, particularly the southern end where there’s a playground in case the fishing plans don’t go to plan.
  6. The boatramp at West Beach
  7. Brighton or Henley jetties – better for parking than Glenelg (especially with fishing gear in tow)
  8. Point Turton can sometime fire with squid and garfish with a plus side of a swimmable area from the jetty for when the days are hot – (thanks for the tip Mick Gillies)

Please don’t forget to be responsible and know the “rules” for where you fish.

  • Find out exactly where you can and can’t fish and be sure you’re not in a sanctuary zone.
  • Be aware of other animals in your area. Remember, leave nothing but footprints.
  • Make sure you know about catch limits and legal lengths. More info about this available at
  • Be sure you run through the water rules with your kids and make sure they’re practicing water safety.
  • Don’t over fish and only keep what you’re going to eat.