Where: Maxwell Road, Para Hills West

Well isn’t this a little bit sensational! The new playground at The Paddocks Reserve is OPEN and we must say, this is one of the best new playgrounds we have come across in a while, with some pretty spectacular pieces of equipment to keep the kids busy for ages!

With access best via Maxwell Road, there is so much to talk about here its hard to know where to start. We have to start off with the Interactive Play and Sound Arch, which we haven’t seen before but was just brilliant. Throw in some sand and water play, 2 MASSIVE climbing structures, a flying fox and plenty of space to run around and play. What a spot!

Don’t forget the sporting fields with netball courts, football oval and an uninterrupted lawn expanse with a number of soccer pitches, cricket pitches and nets. Such a fabulous facility for the locals.

This one is a work in progress with plenty planned for the future (Toilets are coming!!) which is so exciting for the northerners.

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  • /pleɪ/ verb: engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose.

  • Great Start is a nifty little website from the Department of Education and Child Development. It has lots of different ideas for communicating with your kids, playing with your kids and even cooking with your kids! There's lots of information, linked to skills your child is learning- if you are into that sort of thing! Most importantly, I think, is there are many things on the website that you probably already doing with your kids, but the website explains why they are important and helps introduce questioning techniques that will assist your child in becoming an active learner. The website includes ideas about: Celebrations Food Being active Getting ready Growing Out and About Play Word Play Working it Out My two-year-old niece was really good at the Shadow Play activities, although her attention span was about 10 minutes not 45! We made shadows with hands and feet then played shadow chasey where we tried to stomp on each other's shadow heads. Don't worry, it didn't hurt. https://www.greatstart.sa.edu.au/    

  • Where: Alpine Road, Seacombe Heights Opening for business (kid business that is) from the start of November 2020, this fantastic new park is tucked away in the quiet back streets of Seacombe Heights. It really has it all this one, with a junior playground and flying fox, as well as a really fun ninja course for the older kids. Don't forget to pack the bikes, scooters and balls to use on the scooter/pump track and basketball court! We loved the space and the choice of equipment for the older kids to climb and jump around on. The climbing logs are massive, just like climbing on the stumps of a giant oak tree! The grass is still growing so we expect that will lushen up (definitely a word) over the next few months and will be cherry ripe for a picnic or to kick the footy. The ninja course is absolutely fantastic and a real challenge even for the fittest kids. No toilets here sadly and it isn't fenced, but it is a quiet backstreet so shouldn't cause too many issues. A little water fountain has been installed and some of the equipment is shaded, but there is a lot exposed…

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