Acting, singing & dancing classes (for ages 1 – 11 years)

Theatre Bugs has been leading fun and delightful preschool dancing, singing and movement classes for more than 21 years. Enjoy a free trial to discover why they have been so popular and successful.

Children will have enormous fun learning to act, sing and dance while also learning to trust their own ideas and to develop personal confidence. They are given support to develop the confidence they need to tackle the unexpected, challenging and exciting situations which they may be confronted with in life.  In 2020, around 2,000 children will participate in regular classes, holiday programs and/or productions.

Theatre Bugs has wide range of classes which are carefully designed for preschool and primary school aged children including;

Butterfly Ballet – Fun and delightful preschool classical ballet dance classes for beginners 3 1/2 – 5yrs old
Fairy Ballet – A new fairy adventure each week, with ballet dancing and singing for 3-5yr old girls and boys
Boppy Bugs – Music and jazz dance routines with a fun new adventure each week for 3-5yr old girls and boys
Busy Bees – A delightful class which introduces 1-3 yr olds to the world of music, movement, and song.

Theatre Bugs is currently offering FREE TRIAL lessons for Butterfly Ballet, Busy Bees, Boppy Bugs and Fairy Ballet classes in Norwood for boys and girls aged 1 – 5 years. Term 1 bookings are now open. TO BOOK A FREE TRIAL CALL 08 8332 1228⁠

For further information, visit
Call 08 8332 1228 | Email

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