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Playground and coffee dates have never (ever ever) looked better.

Trendy new coffee hut + old world tram car + reeeaally lovely people + million dollar play ground redevelopment. City of Holdfast’s Tram Side Kiosk at Wigley Reserve is where it’s at this playground season!

We popped past Tram Side Kiosk this week for chat with the crew, a snack and a cup of the good stuff. Pleased to report the coffee was wonderful and the space has been developed superbly. Bye bye high and dry old Buffalo, hello on fleek coffee/snack vendor.

Opened in late November 2020 by the talented family behind Oceanique (just up the road at Adelaide Sailing Club, West Beach), these guys sure seem to know a thing or two about quality hospitality offerings.

So what can you expect here? Well, exceptional coffee for starters. Currently grinding and brewing beans from local roaster Presstwood Coffee. We’re here for it, it was good. Some traditional milkshakes and thickshakes, smothies, juices and a nice little selection of sweet and savory items like toasted sambos and croissants, along with cakes, muffins (or fancy friand’s perhaps?) make up the small but adequate food selection. Oh yeah and cookies that almost made our eyes roll back in our heads. Last thing, a *noteworthy mention* to the soft serve ice cream cones, generously covered in sprinkles.

It’s the kind of place that you’d expect may change the snack options up from day to day or week to week, underpinned by rock solid caffeine (did we mention that part?)

There is no shortage of seating (and broken shade) from the large surrounding trees. Tables are plentiful both alongside the restored historic tram and on the west of the kiosk. You can choose to sit on the tram itself (capacity restrictions apply) and kids will be delighted to sit up on the drivers seat at either end of the tram car.

About the Tram: AKA Adelaide’s Red Rattler sits proudly on this site. Dating back to the late 1920’s the first tram ran between Glenelg and Victoria Square. Our Tram network was more extensive back in those days and in the 1930’s Adelaide had some 311 trams making up the fleet. This tram carried 64 people seated, and more standing.

Get this – my kids were blown away – this tram has a sliding door dividing the tram cart into two sections. Why? Sign of the times, back in the 1930’s men and women rode separately.

The Tram Side Kiosk is a short 100m stroll to the brilliant and popular new Wigley Reserve Playground, including toilets and BBQ Facilities. At the time of writing this little biz is open Wednesday through Sunday from 7am.

Verdict, it’s a 10/10 from the Kids in Adelaide team and a genius venture in our eyes. It will no doubt be well supported and you’d be a well advised Adelaide parent to get along and check it out! There is ample free parking in the close vicinity along both Anzac Highway and Adelphi Terrace.

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