Take your pick! TreeClimb Adelaide offers Birthday Party Packages or you can have a DIY Birthday Party at both the Adelaide and TreeClimb Kuitpo Forest venues. Either option is guaranteed to be packed full of party fun for your birthday kid and their guests!

TreeClimb Party Packages (Adelaide only)

If you are looking for a stress-free party option, then a TreeClimb Party Package at their Adelaide venue is the way to go!

There is a choice between 3 Party Packages:

  • Grand Course – Minimum 10 climbers.
  • Kids Course – Minimum 10 climbers.

Each Party Package includes:

  • Gloves (included in the ticket price).
  • A reserved table for the duration of the climb AND extra time either side of the climb.
    – Kids Course (table reserved for 2.5 hours)
    – Grand Course (table reserved for 3.5 hours)
  • Access to TreeClimb Party Package EXCLUSIVE add-ons.
  • Eco-friendly tableware. One less thing for you to worry about!

There are some great Add-Ons to make your party even more fun and stress free:

  • Party Bags (Each bag includes a TreeClimb silicon wristband, TreeClimb-themed stickers AND lollies.)
  • Ice cream cake (You can pre-order an ice cream cake. They’ll keep it in the freezer and bring it out when you’re ready.)
  • Lunch boxes – includes a small party boxes filled with, half a sandwich, 1x packet of popcorn, 1 x yoghurt, 1x jelly cup, carrot and cucumber sticks, and assorted lollies.
  • Domino’s pizza – choose between two pizza combos, they’ll take care of the ordering and delivery.

How does your TreeClimb Adelaide Party Package run on the day?:

Arrival time | Ensure all organisers and guests aim to arrive at least 10 minutes before the party starts.
Checking in | As an organiser, your first step is to head to the check-in desk. Let the team know the booking/party name, and one of their crew members will guide you to your table.

The crew member will give the organiser their tableware and any nonperishable add-ons they may have ordered along with a quick spiel, which will include showing where the toilets and drink fountain are, along with a reminder of the conditions of entry to the course.

Parties are scheduled to start 20 minutes prior to the session time. In this 20 minutes, a crew member will bring wristbands over to the table and check everyone in. This is a good time to make sure everyone has been to the toilet and has signed a waiver (if 18 years or older and climbing). For those who have ordered lunch boxes, ice cream cake or pizza, please let a crew member know what time you’ll be ready for your food.

Climb time | 20 minutes into the party, the climbing session commences. Crew members will call out for anyone in the session to come inside for their harnessing brief, safety briefing, and practice course before heading up to the trees.

From this point, the climbers are unassisted. It is important to note, this is not a guided activity. There will be crew members at the gates and throughout the course ready to assist and encourage if necessary. (There may be other general admission in the session depending on the size of your party group).

Free time | The climb duration will be dependent on the course booked. (Grand Course, 2 hours. Kids Course, 80 minutes). Once this time is up, there will still be plenty of time remaining to eat, blow out some candles, and chill out. All tables will be given a bin bag for their rubbish.

TreeClimb DIY Parties (Adelaide and Kuitpo)

TreeClimb Adelaide and Kuitpo Forest offers a unique DIY party celebration in their outdoor aerial adventure playground. Bring a picnic and enjoy the parklands or forest while your party flies overhead on zip-lines! We have had a number of DIY Parties at both TreeClimb locations and have had a ball everytime.

TreeClimb has its very own cafe serving various treats and drinks, however, TreeClimb as a venue has no food catering restrictions – meaning you can cater your own party and bring your own food with you!

Suitable for groups as small as 2 or as large as 30 (split into 2 safety training groups of 15) on either ‘Kids Course’ or ‘Grand Course’.

Prices start from just $35/pp and include 80 minutes or 2 hours of fun on the course (including the safety briefing). Party goers will have their safety harness and helmets fitted, take part in a safety briefing and undertake guided hands-on training with guides to ensure they know to get on and off the course. Once that’s all taken care of they are free to enjoy the rest of their session by completing as many paths through the course as they can! Our kids managed around 7-8 crossings on the 3 different Children’s Course options and all had a great time, only stopping briefly for a quick drink and then dashing back up the stairs to go again!

There are 2 courses available for TreeClimb Parties – the Children’s Course and the Grand Course, as well as the Nets Adventure Course at Kuitpo Forest for an extra play. The Children’s Course is specifically designed for young people between 100-135cm tall no matter what age, and we have had kids from 3 years old successfully complete the course when we have been on there. We set up our party directly underneath the Children’s Course so that parents could support their children from the ground, which helps to reassure kids on there for the first time. If anyone gets scared or needs help there are also a number of trained guides on hand to support and help anyone who needs it. The Children’s Course has a range of challenges spread over 3 different route choices that climbers can work their way up to. For anyone over 135cm, you’ll be able to take part in conquering the Grand Course, with higher, longer course options and a range of exhilarating challenges for everyone. Even adults are challenged and enjoy the adrenaline-inducing Grand Course and have a great time – it’s not just fun for the kids!

Check out these shots of TreeClimb’s Party Packages and DIY Parties!

Tips for enjoying a TreeClimb Party:

  • Book early – there are a limited number of spots on each course at one time so you’ll need to book early if you want to bring a group.
  • If you are booking one of the TreeClimb Adelaide Party Packages, a table will be reserved for your group. If you are having a a DIY party, tables are ‘first in best dressed’ or you can bring your own trestles, chairs or picnic rugs. Be sure to perhaps visit the area in the days/weeks prior to the party so that you have a good idea of where you want to setup on the day. For younger children, try to setup underneath the Children’s Course so that parents can support their children from the ground – especially on the first few rounds when the kids need the most support. Once they get going they are usually fine to race through the courses by themselves.
  • Access to each course is determined by height, so be sure to know the approximate height of those attending as if one child is significantly shorter or taller than the rest of the group then you may run into trouble if they aren’t able to access the same course as the others. All our 5-9 year olds were fine on the junior course. Taller kids or those age approx. 10/11 years and older would likely be over 135cm and suited to the Grand Course.
  • Ensure you advise all the party goers to arrive early in time for bathroom breaks and harness fitting so there is no delay getting on to the course. They’ll also need enclosed shoes and long hair tied back. Parking can often be tight in the area on the weekends so aiming to arrive 20mins before the party start time allows for any parking trouble too.
  • On the day get there early to get a good location to set up. There is plenty of shade, and you want to be in a position where party guests can easily identify your group on arrival (noting that there are sometimes other parties underway at the same time).
  • Bring picnic rugs, foldable tables, chairs and all food and drinks – streamers, helium balloons and signs all help identify your party group to others.
  • You might consider having some food and games with the group prior to going on the course, so to ensure everyone will be there on time and ready to go. You can always keep the cake until after the party goers come off the course to celebrate at the end.
  • Consider whether your party will be a ‘drop and go’ party or whether the parents are expected to stay. If they are staying, TreeClimb does great coffee and snacks, but you may want to BYO other items for both parents and the party going children.
  • There is lots of space around the parklands so after the time on the course finishes, you might like to encourage games in the area or even bike riding on the BMX tracks just 50m away on the Adelaide course. Kuitpo Forest has some beautiful walking tracks a stones throw from the Kuitpo course as well.
  • Please remember to bring a large garbage bag and take all your rubbish home with you to ensure the Parklands stay clean and safe for everyone.

If you’re opting for the least work possible option then definitely book one of the TreeClimb Adelaide Party Packages. If you want to BYO food and drinks then consider a DIY Party. Treeclimb parties are parties done right!

For more information about birthday parties at TreeClimb and to book visit


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