Ahhh mini golf, miniature golf, putt-putt, mini putt, ‘the place where dad gets angry and over-competitive’. Known by many names and enjoyed by all (except parents of 6 year olds who think they are playing hockey and belts balls at a million miles an hour all over the place), this shrunken down version of golf is renowned the world over as the ideal place for families to set aside their differences and to come together in joyful and friendly competition for an hour or so. That is obviously a total lie, with this in fact being the area in which the competitive beasts within most kids is awoken, with the slightest ‘bending’ of the rules usually being loudly called out, resulting in threats of ‘behave or there will be no mcflurry on the way home’.

All that friendly family banter aside, we love us some mini golf. From the whacky course designs to fact all ages can have a go, there is so much to love about this as an ideal family friendly activity. You just need to curb that one person in your family who becomes a little bit too aggressive and competitive with club and ball in their hands. If you can’t think of who that is in your family….sorry but it is you.

So where to go to get your mini golf fix in Adelaide? Glad you asked!


When is mini-golf not really MINI golf…….? When it’s SHANX!
SHANX is located at the Regency Park Community Golf Course and it’s mini golf, like we’ve never seen! You won’t see any sharks, windmills and boulders in the middle of the greens here, it’s more like proper golf, just miniaturised. A concept that caters for the pro-golfer to the ‘never played before’ and everyone in between.
Bookings are essential to avoid wait times.

X Golf & Hey Caddy West Lakes

Whilst not technically ‘mini golf’ it is ‘miniature golf’in the sense that it isn’t big golf so that counts. But they do have Hey Caddy onsite which is an incredible mini golf course for all ages! We love any place you can take the kids with great food, a bar and activities gets the thumbs up from us! Catering for all ages, take the kids along for a swing along at one of the little kids courses and they will love it.

We have been a few times and always love going back. Check out more on our visit here.

Copper Coast Putt Putt

Where is one of the best mini golf courses in SA? We won’t judge if you didn’t have Kadina at the top of your list but this course at the Copper Coast Tourism Centre is a beauty. We visit any time we are on Yorkes and it is a spacious, very well built course that is fabulous fun for the whole fam! Lots of great regional inspired features around the course so keep an eye out!

Check out more info from our visit here.

Holey Moley

Mini golf in the city? Inside? Yep and it’s pretty cool too, with all sorts of light up courses, fun themed holes and a bar! 

Keen for a look? Check them out here.

Port Broughton Tourist Park

Brand spanking new in 2020, this brilliant addition to an already awesome family friendly holiday park at the top of the Yorke Peninsula is full of characters, great fun holes and is centrally located with the new water park too. We have tested this one out and it gets the adult and kid thumbs up! 

Check out more on the Pt Broughton park here.

Beachouse Mini Golf

Everyone loves The Beachouse. It’s a SA icon, they house (little Beachouse pun there) a fantastic beachside mini-golf course, that was upgraded in 2020. Full of fantastic designs, characters and some really funky holes, plus a train, like a real train you can ride on, you can make this part of your Beachouse visit or you can visit solely to play some tiny golf. The choice is yours.

Read all about the Glenelg institution here.

Naracoorte Holiday Park

Ah the Limestone Coast, what an amazing part of our state. We visited last year and found that not only does the Naracoorte Holiday Park have their own mini train track set up, but they have mini golf too! A great activity for those staying at the park, which is the perfect place to explore the Limestone (*cough wine country cough*) Coast.

Have a read on our visit to the park here.

Hahndorf Mini Golf

This is a hard one to find, being tucked away off Hahndorf Main Street but it is a really nice, quiet spot and a great way to work off your footlong German hotdog lunch by teaching the kids a mini golf lesson.

For hotdogs and mini golf fun check this out here

Victor Harbor Holiday & Cabin Park

Located within a fantastic holiday park at everyone’s fave beachside road trip town, the park also includes a fab mini golf course! Create those ever lasting holiday memories by showing the kids exactly how good you are at miniature sport. We love popping down to this park and have a whole feature on it here.

Brighton Beachfront Holiday Park

Brand new to the park in late 2021 this 9 hole mini golf course is a great addition to this already fantastic holiday park. We love the nautical theme 

Find out more about this park on our review post here

Victor Harbor Foreshore Mini Golf

Located right on the foreshore at Victor, smack bang next to the horse drawn tram and the causeway to Granite Island, the mini golf course is not a bad way to spend an hour on your Victor day out. Part of the kiosk/info centre, it can get breezy at times (I mean it is a mini golf course built facing the Southern Ocean) but on those nice summer days an ice cream and mini golf session is just bliss. 

We love Victor with kids. Check out our Victor for Families feature here.

Barossa Bowland Mini Golf

The Barossa Valley. World famous for its wine and mini golf. Well at least for the wine but the mini golf course does seem great fun. We haven’t yet been but we will assume it is, and hope the rumours of a plate full of nuggets being brought to you with every hole in one are true. If not, then come on Barossa Mini Golf make it happen!

Check them out here.

McLaren Vale Mini Golf

Part of the Mclaren Vale Natives, the big win we found here was the ability to leave the kids at mini golf whilst we went plant shopping….all in the one spot! Bliss. A really lovely course in one of SA’s best day trip locations.

For more plants and golf check them out here.

West Beach Mini Golf

Definately one of Adelaide’s premiere mini golf spots for families, West Beach Mini Golf is an immaculate course with all sorts of funky designs and sculptures to keep everyone entertained. We go there all the time and everyone has a ball, except the kids (kidding) because we don’t let them win….ever. That is the first rule of family mini golf!

They do an epic (and super affordable) birthday party here AND for a round of mini golf you dont need a booking!

Check out more on this ripper here.

Wiz Bang Family Fun Centre

We haven’t been here a great deal either, but it does look pretty speccy! Located at St Agnes and with a cafe and small playground, we must get down and check this one out again.

For all their fun have a browse here!

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  • X golf needs to be seen and experienced to truly grasp how much fun it is. Words don’t do it justice. It isn’t just a “golf simulator”, it is a golf experience. Now with the partnership with Hey Caddy, one of the coolest mini-golf venues around, it truly is a one of a kind indoor entertainment venue that families will love! Adelaide’s first X-Golf venue, this amazing facility caters for up to 100 guests at any time providing visitors with advanced golf simulator technology and plenty of other entertainment options including the Hey Caddy 12-hole mini golf course that will take you on a trip around the world! The realism is unbelievable, with the technology able to replicate exactly just how bad I am at golf. You will even be frustrated and angry, just like a real round of golf! But with almost 100 international courses to choose from, you can live out your golfing dream playing your fave course. The venue is outstanding. Plenty of room and heaps of TVs with as much sport as you can handle. My tip is bring your own clubs. They have plenty if you don’t have your own, but for any avid golfer…

  • Located in Regency Park, you can forget about novelty clown heads and spinning windmills here. Unlike anything in the Southern Hemisphere, SHANX Mini Golf looks exactly like a standard golf course — only it’s been shrunk down to miniature size. It was created as a way of making golf accessible to anyone and everyone, no matter your age, gender or skill level. SHANX sits on the edge of the Regency Park Golf Course, so you can watch the pros go by while you putt your way around the eighteen holes. You’ll come across bunkers, twists and turns as you make your way across the green, and each hole has two courses to choose from: the Regency Course for those just getting started, or the SHANX Course for those looking for a challenge. Everything is provided, including a club and ball per person as well as a scoring card for the group. SHANX @ Regency Park is Australia’s best mini golf course and it’s right here in Adelaide! It’s never been more important to find fun and affordable outdoor activities that the whole family can take part in, and SHANX is that all over. Created for the community, SHANX is also…

  • It is no secret we are huge fans of X Golf, have been for years. Adelaide's premiere golf simulator venue was the perfect spot for a hit of indoor golf whilst enjoying a feed and your fave beverage (cough *pirate life* cough). With the partnership with Hey Caddy a few years back adding everyone's favourite family activity, mini golf, X Golf has quickly turned into an all round awesome family venue! When we heard a massive new addition to the club was opening at West Lakes (Just opposite Westfield and above the Mosaic Hotel) we couldn't wait to check it out.....and boy were we in for a treat! Firstly, it is enormous. Sporting a full 18 hole mini golf course thanks to Hey Caddy, as mini golf fanciers we can genuinely say this is the best course in the state. Epic holes that are super fun to play, all sporting a theme or location, which are challenging enough for the serious mini golfers but also easy for the whole fam to have a hit. We took our sport loving 2 year old (who loves to grab a little club and have a bash) who was able to easily use the…