X golf needs to be seen and experienced to truly grasp how much fun it is. Words don’t do it justice. It isn’t just a “golf simulator”, it is a golf experience. Now with the partnership with Hey Caddy, one of the coolest mini-golf venues around, it truly is a one of a kind indoor entertainment venue that families will love!

Adelaide’s first X-Golf venue, this amazing facility caters for up to 100 guests at any time providing visitors with advanced golf simulator technology and plenty of other entertainment options including the Hey Caddy 12-hole mini golf course that will take you on a trip around the world!

The realism is unbelievable, with the technology able to replicate exactly just how bad I am at golf. You will even be frustrated and angry, just like a real round of golf! But with almost 100 international courses to choose from, you can live out your golfing dream playing your fave course.

The venue is outstanding. Plenty of room and heaps of TVs with as much sport as you can handle. My tip is bring your own clubs. They have plenty if you don’t have your own, but for any avid golfer there is nothing like your own clubs to have a crack with.

For the kids, this place is fantastic. Skill level for golf can be adjusted and they have some really fun short kids courses to choose from, plus with the in house golf professional, they have all the tools to help players of all skill levels and ages. The Hey Caddy mini golf course is perfect for all ages (we took a rowdy 2 year old and he had a ball!), with the course offering brightly coloured, easy to play holes which suit all skill levels.

There is also a boardroom/ party room which can be used for meetings, celebrations and get togethers before or after you play. A meeting following by a round of golf? Sounds like the best day at work ever!

The food and drinks are superb. They have a great menu – everything is delicious and you can even indulge in plenty of options from the bar (hello Pirate Life!)


Address 838-842 Marion Road Marion, SA 5043
Phone (08) 8377 0883
Monday – Thursday 10am – 10pm
Friday – Saturday 10am – 11pm
Sunday 10am – 7pm

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