There is no greater thrill as a parent (apart from a Sunday morning sleep in) than a family adventure like packing up the bikes and finding a ripper track for an afternoon cruise. But for the babies, toddlers and those not quite old enough to keep up with an adult ride, grabbing a solid piece of quality kit is essential to help everyone enjoy the day! Enter a sensational Aussie brand, Weeride.

With a range of products to help all the little ones get on board the family bike rides, there will absolutely be something for your crew.

Until the end of March 2022 – Use the code KIA10 for a nice little discount on us!

Weeride Bike Seat

When hunting for a bike seat for Mr 1, for us there really was no other choice besides the Weeride Classic. If you, like us, had never thought that bike seats that fit snugly in the middle (rather than plonked behind) even existed, then these are an absolute game changer.

The design gave us such peace of mind, knowing that in the event of a tumble we can just wrap ourselves like a little bubble around the little guy and protect him. I mean lets be honest, when they are stuck behind they just feel a little exposed don’t they? This just felt super safe, with some other front-row seats we came across not even having straps!

We often see products that promise the world in terms of ease of installation, that end up being harder to put together than a coherent sentence after a couple of bottles of red. So it was with a sigh of relief that straight from the box, the Weeride lived up to its promise of being simple and easy to install. In fact it doesn’t even really need instructions, it is that easy, but there are plenty of online videos to help if you get stuck. It clips on securely to just about any bike as promised, and is so easy to switch from bike to bike if you want to share the load on your family rides. It really is that easy. We also love how they don’t fasten to the actual handlebars like some other products do, which feels so much safer. The enclosed foot rest protects those little toes and the adjustable 5-point safety harness feels super secure.

Riding along with you and your little buddy is just the most fun, and such a fabulous experience as you make the leap from wriggly baby to adventurous toddler. Mr 1 here is about 15 months and managed the rides really easily, so when they say you can have a try from as young as 6 months (depending on neck strength…the babies, not yours) through to 4 years, we believe them. Riding with the extra weight in the centre of the bike is really easy and the positioning makes controlling toddler weight shifts as smooth as can be…..except if your little demon is like Mr 1, prepare for the odd handlebar grab, but overall the cushioned head rest provides all they need to nap/play and tap there way through a ride.

We opted for the Weeride Classic Bike Seat but if you want that little extra luxury, give the Weeride Deluxe a shot. Either option will give your little crew the ride of their life!

We genuinely can’t love this bike seat enough and it is a game changer for our family bike rides, now that Mr 1 can go on rides with his big brother!

Weeride Tagalong Pro

Miss 4 here has outgrown her Weeride baby bike seat (that has lasted through two children) and is pretty happy to cruise around on her balance bike or training wheel bike but sometimes you want to get somewhere quicker than 11 hours – enter Weeride Tagalong!

Perfect for kids aged 4 -9 ish who love a bike ride but aren’t quite confident enough to keep up with or ride for as long as the rest of the family yet.

First thing I want to mention about the Weeride Tagalong is that it’s REALLY easy to put together. I am not normally a flatpack/ikea/putter together of things kind of person but I managed to follow the instructions very quickly and easily and attached it to my bike, including flag, in around half an hour. Love that.

And also now the bracket is installed on my bike, it’s a very easy click to remove or attach it. I’m talking seconds, which is a great feature for when you want to ride solo.

It’s also very adjustable to grow with your child. My daughter is 4 and can reach the pedals on the lowest bike height, so there’s plenty of room for her to grow. Move the seat up and down, the handlebars up and down and forwards and backwards to get just the right ride.

Now……how easy is it to ride with? I am used to having weight at the front of the bike when co-riding , so the first time we tried I was a little bit wobbly. Nothing at all to be worried about though, just took a few laps up and down our quiet road for me to find my legs. Now I know the feel of it, we’re cruising…..literally! The Sync Link Pivot allows for really easy turning and is smooth and most importantly safe over bumps, ups and downs and side to sides.

Easy for me and SUPER FUN for her! As you can see from the photos, she really loves it.

We’ve got the Weeride Tagalong Co Pilot but if you need more clearance for a larger wheeled bike or bike rack check out The Link range for a different frame shape.

WeeRide is 100% Australian owned and has won numerous awards worldwide. This is a great quality, safe product.

To check out the range and shop online visit

Until the end of March 2022 – Use the code KIA10 for a nice little discount on us!

We received these product free of charge for the purpose of this review however as for all reviews from Kids in Adelaide the above is honest and in our own words

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