Part of the Adelaide Airport trails network. 1.7 kms from Adelaide Airport to Tapleys Hill Road.

he Anna Meares Bike Path is one of three trails that make up the Adelaide Airport Trails network.

The other two Adelaide Airport Trails are:

  • Reece Jennings Bikeway, which connects the Anna Meares Bike Path with Glenelg North
  • Captain McKenna Pathway, connect the southern end of the Reece Jennings Bikeway to Netley (with plans to complete the loop back to the terminal)

The eastern end of the trail begins near the airport terminal and IKEA, at the end of Frank Collopy Court, near Sir Donald Bradman Drive. The trail follows Sir Donald Bradman Drive to Tapleys Hill Road, meeting up with the Reece Jennings Bikeway.

The trail is a shared use trail, for cyclists and walkers. The trail is a bitumen surface, wide and flat. The trail is suitable for people with mobility access, including wheelchairs, prams and cyclists. The trail is well separated from Sir Donald Bradman Drive by trees and a reedy waterway.

The trail is named after Anna Meares OAM, an Australian retired track cyclist. She has gained the 500 metre track time trial world champion on four occasions, and a gold medallist at the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.

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