If you’re after a morning full of wonder, nature, magic and a little bit of Fairy dust, then the Bridgewater Fairy Garden at Deanery Reserve near Arbury Park, is exactly where to go. What a beautiful place to spend a sunny morning with the kids this Spring – in fact, our family took a picnic and spent 3 hours (yep, 3 hours!) with 2 little boys in a Fairy garden… for free! Now that’s what I call a good day! For specific directions see notes at the bottom of this post.


Follow the Heyson Trail about 50m towards the freeway from the carpark and you’ll find the main Fairy Garden with about 10 little doors from 5-15cm tall. The Garden (shown above) has been growing over the last 6 months and is now well established on the side of the track and easily seen by all. Walkers, visitors and fairy fans have all been adding their own touch to the Garden with everything from hand rails up the steep steps, to animal statues, updated paint work and even mail boxes – of course, how else would the Fairies get their letters the children write to them!?

In addition to the main Fairy Garden down the track, go for a short walk or check out the area to the left of the main carpark. In among the trees live a great variety of other fairies spread out across a lovely rural ‘town’. At the base of most of the nearby trees are doors of all shapes and colours. Some with ladders, livestock and if the weather is fine, you may even see their washing drying in the sun! Honestly, the kids adored our outing. While there we were joined by another family of 3 girls who are regular visitors to the fairies, coming to see if anyone new had moved in, and dropping off a new horse and some flowers of their own. Each had their favourite fairy door and during the holidays they had come to make community ‘Fairy shelters’ out of fallen sticks and bark – a great activity for families of all ages.

If your kids are keen on fairies, magic, imagination or just getting outdoors, they will love this place. After visiting they’ll probably love their own Fairy Door at home too, and you won’t find better than those from The Fairy Door Store – gorgeous, hand crafted doors in a range of colours with the most awesome range of accessories around!

PS – While its a wonderful day out, it’s not all luxury – there aren’t any facilities at all – no toilets, water, bbqs, shelter etc, but the site is well shaded so it would still be enjoyable on a sunny day. We took our own picnic rug, food and drinks, plus a wide range of ‘fairy toys’ like toy cars, lego men, a few plastic animals from the $2 shop and some flowers from our garden!

DIRECTIONS: To find the Bridgewater Fairy Garden, head right down Old Mount Barker Road until you come to Arbury Park Road and the Deanery Reserve sign shown below. Turn Right (away from Arbury Park), onto the dirt road and you’ll find a carpark up on the Left about 150m. Park there and walk down the fire trail towards the freeway at the far end of the carpark towards the gate. You’ll soon see the main section of the Fairy Garden, but keep your eyes peeled all around the carpark as there are plenty of other doors nearby too! If you drive down Arbury Park Road about 100m you can find some resident horses and alpacas grazing too – the kids loved them!

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