A. L. Vincent Playground Bridgewater

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AL Vincent Playground in Vincent Reserve, Bridgewater is one of those hidden local gems that most people would never know about unless you lived nearby, but it’s a superb spot with a reasonable range of play equipment for toddlers to older kids. It’s well shaded by big gum trees for plenty of shelter on sunny days, fully fenced and bark chipped around all equipment for safer falls. There is a larger play equipment setting suitable for 5-10 years that includes monkey bars, climbing equipment, sliding frames, a bridge and slide. Slightly off from that, there is a more toddler suitable frame with smaller slide, toddler friendly stairs, abacus, covered fort and a spring rocker. There’s also baby and regular swings, as well as a few picnic tables across the reserve and plenty of space for unstructured outdoors play, both in open grassed areas and between the trees.

At time of writing there were no toilet or bbq facilities onsite at Vincent Reserve playground Bridgewater. The playground is a no-dog zone.

Open all hours.

Best Suits: 1-10 year olds

A. L. Vincent Playground

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  • Firstly....check out the view! Located right next on the beach front on Marine Parade, the location is sensational. It was a fun playground with many play options to keep the kids busy after a big day exploring Yorkes. It has pebble flooring, 2 public bbq's, plenty of seating and an incredible beach view. Oh the view! The park boasts fencing on 3 sides and an easy to supervise access point of the 4th side, with easy access to stairs down to the beautiful beach. There are plenty of rubbish bins and shaded seating. The only downsides are that the park itself isn't shaded and public toilets are about a 5 minute walk along the foreshore. One last bonus is that there is a kiosk right next to the playground to grab a nice cold ice block on those super hot days. Come on, we know you can imagine eating hot chips while the kids play on the playground and beach! Bliss.

  • On the corner of Rogers Terrace and Robert St in Maitland there is a great combination playground. It boasts both the typical metal/plastic style playground with a large wooden climbing section. There is a spinning ride (although beware after rain as it fills with water), swings, a big slide, a digger and climbing equipment. It is surrounded by fence for most of the playground with just a small gap for entering (not secure). It has a car park, shaded seating, a free bbq, a double cricket pitch and it's just a short walk to nearby toilets.Fun for the whole family!

  • This playground is a little gem. It has a bbq area and grassed area for lounging around or a small picnic, there's also some shelter and benches.There are shops and cafe's nearby, but toilets are not within the playground. ** UPDATE ** This park now has toilet facilities! The kids will love this park as it's right next to the Croydon Train Station and the kids can view the train coming and going frequently- right up close!Don't worry- the playground is fully fenced! It has a separate toddler park and a park for older children connected by a gate. There's also basketball rings if you're keen to get your kids into the Adelaide 36ers team! Things to know: - parking on the street, not always a lot of parking available close by - the basketball ring was missing so only the backboard remained when I visited last week (but at least that means you can't miss a shot!) My favourite local: The Queen Street Cafe and the Red Door Bakery of course! But there's loads of other places to visit too. A great street in a quaint suburb, Queen Street also has some funky little furniture places, pilates studio and…

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