Adelaide has a number of places that you can take your kids to learn to ride a bike, scooter or skateboard. Some of them are speciality bike safety centres where you can learn about road rules, giving way, understanding road signs etc and some of them are playgrounds or parks that have great flat, concrete areas perfect for learning to ride and not get run over by the big kids in the skatepark or have to worry about too much other bike traffic.

Some of our favourites are:

SA Police SAPOL Road safety centre

The SAPOL Road Safety Centre at Thebarton Police Barracks just near the Bonython Park kiosk and playground area, offers traffic education programs and road safety presentations to schools, businesses and community groups. Young cyclists learn about road and traffic safety in a safe environment. The roadway includes:

  • an intersection with traffic lights
  • pedestrian crossings
  • a roundabout
  • traffic signs.

The mock road at this Adelaide bike safety parks is available for community use on weekends and after 3pm on weekdays (including school holidays). It is available free of charge but you need to bring your own bike and helmet.

Please note the nearest toilets are a few hundred metres away and the mock traffic lights are not in operation after hours and cannot be turned on using the phone number on the control box. If the ‘DO NOT ENTER’ signs are up, please do not use the mock roadway as it is booked for a session. Call 8207 4668 to check availability.

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Mayfair Ride Safe Park, Andrews Farm

Children in the City of Playford now have a safe space to learn to ride their bikes at Mayfair Reserve in Andrew’s Farm!
The park is the first of its kind in the North and features mini replica road signs, sealed roadways, intersections and crossings, art pieces, as well as a pretend school and pretend petrol station.

Location: Mayfair Drive, Andrews Farm

Golding Oval Reserve, Para Vista

Golding Oval has a specialised road safety track and some fantastic games were added to the site? Mock roads have been painted onto a large bitumen area to simulate riding on the road, with the inclusion of stop signs, give way signs, a roundabout, even a zebra crossing and some parking bays, all designed to enable parents to teach their kids road rules in a safe environment.

Some great games that were also created at the site, including 2 hopscotch boards and even a 4square board!
If you are looking for something fun and unique for the kids these holidays, consider a trip to Golding Oval Reserve (Corner of Redhill Road and Kalina Avenue, Para Vista).

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Ridgehaven Road and Cycle Safety Centre

This one is not free, but you can hold a cool ‘Learn to Ride’ birthday party there!

The Road and Cycle Safety Centre is located at Hazel Grove, Ridgehaven and makes learning fun for children ages 5-12 years. The centre’s road network, in miniature, gives children real-life experience as they learn essential safety skills including how to:

  • Read traffic signals
  • Walk across railway and school crossings
  • Negotiate roundabouts and gutters
  • Recognise traffic signs and line markings
  • Cycle on roads or footpaths

Each session includes:

  • A trained instructor
  • Bikes available in sizes 12 and 16 (with stabilisers) and 20, 22 and 24, or you can bring your own
  • Helmets are available or you can bring your own
  • A drink

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