2015 has been a big year in the Kids in Adelaide team! We have been so excited to see our Facebook followers increase from 3,350 to over 18,000 this year. Our website has also continued to grow and we do our best to keep it up to date while also managing our careers, kids and our never ending pile of laundry! We continue to be amazed by how awesome you guys are for supporting us and contributing to our content.

Personally, 2015 has been a healthy, happy year for the KiA families. Julie headed off overseas with her family to watch her husband compete in the London and Paris marathons, and she was lucky enough to discover the joys (!) of travelling with a 2½-year-old and a little baby. I’d say travelling with two kids is a marathon in itself!

Julie & her 3 favourite boys

Julie & her 3 favourite boys

Roxanne and Hubby have ventured overseas a few times also, taking their toddler along to great family-friendly locations in Fiji, Bali and Hawaii (clearly they hate the beach!). Roxy has also moved from a unit to a house with a yard this year and has been tormented by a pissed off magpie ever since.


In our little family, we sent Elka to childcare for the first time, constructed a trampoline for the first time, had gastro as a family for the first time and I managed approximately ½ a glass of wine before realising I was pregnant again- the day before I went back to work! So, most significantly for my family, we had another child, with the birth of a second healthy daughter, in September. This brings the Kids in Adelaide team to a total of 5 children between the three of us!

We love our growing families, and, as the kids get older, we are learning about new interests, new play locations and new challenges! We’re always keen for input from our followers so make sure you keep us posted on any cool locations you think other families would also enjoy.

Other exciting things from 2015 include joining forces with the lovely Hayley over at Adelady and we enjoy contributing blogs to her already awesome site. Our friend Angie has also been an active contributor to KiA and helps us keep our fingers on the pulse of kid stuff around Adelaide. We’ve also had some really heavy traffic on certain blog posts this year, which has helped us realise that people really do want to know what it’s like to do a #2 after labour.

A big highlight for Roxy, Jules and I was travelling to Melbourne WITHOUT KIDS to just hang out, eat out and veg out. Bliss! Of course, we aimed to go to bed early and sleep late but, being the friends we are, this turned into late nights chatting and eating cucumber sticks (okay, chocolate). We took Julie to her first ever Gold Class cinema experience and, although she threatened to fall asleep, she managed to stay awake (VERY awake) for the screening of Magic Mike 2. How good is that movie! Ha! Hilarious.

Although we have had a year full of many funny, exciting, enjoyable events, there have also been a few things that have made us want to punch life in the face for being so mean. Luckily the good has far outweighed the bad and here we are… staring in the abyss that is 2016! Holy moly! I still feel like it was only just the year 2000.

There’s no doubt 2016 will hold a some challenges, surprises, joys and hurdles. We hope you, our Kids in Adelaide community, are keen to join us for the ride and we’d love to hear about your experiences too. All the best for 2016, may it bring joy, happiness, good health and children who are ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT sleepers!

Big love. xx

Fleur, Roxy and Jules