I know this topic is a bit controversial, but what are your thoughts on kids ear piercing? I surprised even myself today when Miss 3 and I BOTH got our ears pierced. It was her idea, and she’s asked A LOT of times in the last few weeks so I knew she was serious so we did it, and you know what it was completely fine. Not a drama at all.

We got ours done at Essential Beauty at Norwood, it was quick and easy and the girls there were great with lots of post-pierce info and a teddy bear gift for Winnie for being so brave.I went first and honestly, it didn’t hurt. There was a tiny pinch, and no sting afterwards, I don’t think I even jumped. So Winnie was more than happy to have her turn after me. The whole thing was over in a matter of minutes and there was not one single tear.
Winnie had both of her ears pierced at the same time, which was recommended to me by other Mum’s, but I have heard that sometimes it can be better to get one done at a time to ensure there’s no jumping, but personally, I think if you child is under probably around 5, I’d get both done at once.

Taking care of kids pierced ears

Obviously the number one rule would be get them done somewhere reputable, and if you do that, they should give you all the necessary after care you need. But we were told to keep the original studs in for 6 weeks, and spray an alcohol free steriliser spray on both ears once or twice a day. Don’t over clean.
DO NOT twist or rotate the studs in the first 6 weeks, which is news to me since the last time I had my ears pierced. Apparently the healing process happens much quicker when you leave them alone as much as possible for the first 6 weeks. Check the back of the ear every few days to make sure there’s no excessive swelling and the back of the earring isn’t too tight against the back of the ear.

We want to know…….are you kids ears pierced? How old were they, and where are the places to go for kids ear piercing in Adelaide.