National Science Week is happening from August 15 – 23 and who better to help us with some easy at home science experiments that our favourite Sciencey friend SIMON! His fun, easy to follow YouTube videos make it super simple to play along at home. Which ones will you try?

How To Make A Kaleidoscope

What can you make with some reflective paper, cardboard, paper towel rolls, plastic, glue and coloured beads? Um, probably a few things… as that’s a lot of stuff πŸ˜› But in this episode, Simon is going to show you how to make a kaleidoscope!

DIY Lava Lamps

Watch out!! The floor is lava! Oh wait, it’s just a whole heap of lava lamps made in this episode 11 types of lava lamps go head-to-head to see which one is the coolest πŸ˜€ This is your ultimate guide to DIY lava lamps! In this episode Simon shows you how to make your own lava lamp and also explain how they work.

Best Recipe for DIY Bouncy Balls!

Move over slime……DIY Bouncy Balls are in da house. Watch how Simon works out how to make THE BEST bouncy balls using ingredients you probably have lying around the house already (or hidden away under lock and key from your slime days)

3,2,1 BOOM! Pop Stick Chain Reaction

Pop sticks are a lot of fun when they’re covered by an ice block πŸ™‚ But twisting them together to make these exploding chain reactions is even more fun! I even added some Star Wars Lego to a few of the chain reactions for added effect!!

Make Your Own Rainbow Density Column

Not only is sugar great for eating straight out of the bag,* but you can also use it to make a rainbow density column! All you need to do is mix the right amounts of sugar with the right amounts of water and food colouring πŸ™‚

Make Your Own Giant Bubbles!

How to make a bubble wand and a simple bubble mix recipe for some super-sized bubbles! They’re unbelieva-bubble!

Robot Art!

Scribbles can turn a blank piece of paper into a work of art, and only cost me $15. Winning!

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