National Science Week is happening from August 12 – 20 and who better to help us with some easy at home science experiments that our favourite Sciencey friend SIMON! His fun, easy to follow YouTube videos make it super simple to play along at home. Which ones will you try?

Find out what DNA looks like using a strawberry

Did you know you can extract DNA from strawberries right in your own kitchen? 🍓🧬 All you need for this experiment are a few household items and a couple of ripe strawberries!

Get HOT With Steel Wool

Really thin strands of steel wool can catch on fire! When burning, the metal glows red hot and creates yellow sparkles!

Make A Kaleidoscope

What can you make with some reflective paper, cardboard, paper towel rolls, plastic, glue and coloured beads? Um, probably a few things… as that’s a lot of stuff 😛 But in this episode, Simon is going to show you how to make a kaleidoscope!

Make Recycled Paper From Toilet Rolls

Have you ever tried making your own recycled paper? It’s super fun, really easy and the pieces look amazing! You can use any type of paper or paper product to make recycled paper…that’s right, even toilet rolls!

Turn Milk into Cheese

Have you ever wondered how milk turns into cheese? Now you can find out by watching this video and making your own cheese at home! You’ll only need 4 ingredients.

DIY Lava Lamps

Watch out!! The floor is lava! Oh wait, it’s just a whole heap of lava lamps made in this episode 11 types of lava lamps go head-to-head to see which one is the coolest 😀 This is your ultimate guide to DIY lava lamps! In this episode Simon shows you how to make your own lava lamp and also explain how they work.

Make your own Bouncy Ball

Move over slime……DIY Bouncy Balls are in da house. Watch how Simon works out how to make THE BEST bouncy balls using ingredients you probably have lying around the house already (or hidden away under lock and key from your slime days)

Make Your Own Giant Bubbles!

How to make a bubble wand and a simple bubble mix recipe for some super-sized bubbles! They’re unbelieva-bubble!

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