Trains! What else do kids want to see? My nephews are entranced by trains of ANY kind and whenever they visit Adelaide this is a place they adore. The National Railway Museum in Port Adelaide is an awesome place to check out Australian railway history through interactive educational activities, climbing into the cabs of trains, taking free train rides and comparing the old steam trains to the trains of today. There’s even a really cool mini railway!

Our Mr 3 LOVES it at the National Rail Museum and often asks to go – it’s a great day out with his Dad and Grandad especially, who seem to enjoy the visits almost as much as the kids do! We can’t get away with a visit, without going on the little steam train, but everyone seems happy with their ride and hearing the train whistle along the way is definitely a highlight!

The National Railway Museum is well worth a look, and is very reasonably priced. It is suited to children of any age, but probably most enjoyable for ages 2-13. There’s a lot to discover and learn at the museum and I highly recommend a visit in the school holidays when a larger range of activities are on offer. Hope you enjoy it!

Nanna Review:
I’ve been to the port dock railway museum before when my grandson was 4yrs. I had the opportunity to take my 18mth old grand daughter this time and he was more than happy to tag along. Even though it had been a few years since my last visit and all the faces were new , their expressions were same . Everyone seems to have a true bond with the place , you can tell everyone loves working there. This time I noticed just how much it has to offer for all age groups, my 18mth old could have spent all day on the miniature railway , and loved the sound of the bells and whistles. My 12yr old and I found the museum fascinating and a little spooky , you can really feel the presence of travellers from over the decades ...

Lipson St, Port Adelaide, SA