The Pine Reserve playground in Aberfoyle Park offers a mixture of nature play and forest adventure, combined with an obstacle course style play structure designed in the mid 90s in collaboration with the army. But unlike many 1990s things, this playground has aged well and is still great fun for all ages.

Given the rise in popularity of shows like Australian ninja warrior and ultimate beast master, this playground will have kids racing each other around the ninja-style obstacles in no time.

The main playground isn’t fenced, and is a part of a relatively large pine forest, so keeping a close eye on kids is important. For the little ones though there is a small structure and swing set located in a fully fenced section of the park, directly next to the main playground.

Whilst there are no toilets, and no BBQs, there is ample shade under the huge pine trees, some benches, and a half netball and half basketball court nearby.

With paths through the pine forest and a creek that is great for catching tadpoles, this is a park in which kids could lose themselves in their imaginations for hours. I know I did growing up, and my kids do now 20 years later.

Find it at Pine Dr, Aberfoyle Park