Bellyett Reserve in Wattle Park is a small playground but great space for imaginative play. My kids thrive on that sort of space!

The very recently updated playground is a great little park located off Stonyfell Road. The playground equipment is small but well designed and includes slides, climbing nets and two wooden forts.  The most impressive part of this playground however is the way it is set up for imaginative and nature play. For starters, the ground is mulched by pine bark chips, very refreshing in this age of foam and plastic.  Wooden stumps have been cleverly used to create stepping stones, table and chairs and nature play areas set among the trees. My kids spent ages pretending this area was a gorilla grotto and played gorilla families. The opportunities for role-play, imaginative play and oral communication are endless.

Other features of this reserve include:

  • Public toilets close to the playground.
  • Tennis courts and basketball ring that are open for public use.
  • A huge oval, perfect for a game of footy, soccer, cricket or really any ball sports.
  • Walking tracks through the bush conservation area.
  • This reserve is dog friendly which, if you are like me, is a huge bonus as you can exercise the dog and entertain the kids at the same time.
  • Drinking tap.
  • Plenty of green area perfect for a picnic, but there are no picnic tables so bring a rug.
  • There is plenty of parking on Stonyfell Road but the playground can also be accessed from Cooper Angus Grove. You probably wouldn’t come from the other side of the city, but for people close by, this park offers plenty of entertainment for kids of all ages.

Limitations of the park were:

  • The playground equipment area is small.
  • No bins so take your rubbish with you.
  • The playground equipment isn’t shaded. The surrounding areas are well shaded by gum trees though.

Bellyett Reserve