Ever heard of a square trampoline? Didn’t realise that was even possible? I didn’t either until I found out about Springfree® Trampolines and their range of not only standard round trampolines, but also their ingenious range pf oval and SQUARE trampolines! The days of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole (or in this case a round trampoline in a square garden) are over! But more about that later.

Not only can you choose your trampoline shape AND colour you can also be confident that your kids are bouncing on THE ONLY trampoline to pass (for the third consecutive time) Australian Safety Standards (AS 4989:2015) an accolade no other trampoline brand has achieved. Other trampolines tested either failed structural tests, didn’t protect the user from impact on the frame or enclosure, or had dangerous head entrapment problems or pinch points. You can read more about Trampoline Safety Standards here

But what makes Springfree® Trampolines SO SAFE?

Springfree® Trampolines are……you guessed it……spring free. These trampolines use composite rods, instead of springs which lie beneath the trampoline jumping surface out of harm’s way. No matter how hard your kids fall, they will never land on the frame or on or in a spring, which is one of the biggest causes of injury on trampolines. Their SoftEdge™ mat eliminates hard edges on the jumping surface and The FlexiNet and Enclosure Rods guide the jumper back to safety. It’s resistant to tearing and doesn’t fray or run. We’ve had ours for almost a year now and it still looks and bounces like it’s brand new.

Customise it!

Springfree® trampolines come in NINE sizes and THREE shapes so you really can find a trampoline to fit a spot at your house. We moved into a new house last year and having a pool take up most of the backyard meant that any of the kids other play equipment had to go out the front. Add a set of Funky Monkey bars to one end and we were left with a fairly awkward and very square spot for a trampoline to fit…… using our old trampoline it wasn’t going to work, and the kids were devastated.

UNTIL Google read my mind and showed me an ad for a SQUARE trampoline!

I jumped onto the website and using their brilliant Augmented Reality app I was able to visually see what a square trampoline would look like in our yard. It was going to fit…………..(immediately ads to cart, thank God for ZIP pay) Click here to take a look at what the AR function looks like.

From the massive 4m Jumbo round to the 2.6 Medium square (the one we have) right down to the 2m mini round, there really is a size to suit everyone AND if you want to customise it even further by choosing different colours for your trampoline legs, frame, mat rods, enclosure rods and even the name tag!

They’re not cheap.

Nope, they’re not cheap. BUT they’re also not made cheap. Springfree® are that confident with their product that they offer an unbeatable free TEN YEAR warranty that covers the entire trampoline. TEN YEARS! They really are built to last. You’re buying something that will last your kids childhood giving them so many opportunities for outdoor fun. Jumping, trampoline camp outs, learning new tricks, shooting hoops. Hours of fun each week over years of their life.

Also keep your eyes out for a sale or special offer, they have them quite often.

How does it arrive? Are they hard to put together?

OK so first of all, if you’re worried about how to put it together, just opt for the installation service. It’s an extra couple of hundred dollars and if DIY ain’t your thang, it’ll be the best money you’ll spend. Some people are just not cut out for that job.
In saying that, if you’ve put one together before and you follow the instructions it’ll take you a couple of hours and it’s really not too hard at all. Our tips would be to definitely phone a friend or make sure you have two people to work together. We highly recommend you read the manual and watch the videos in full BEFORE starting installation and download the BILT app for step by step, easy to follow instructions on how to put your trampoline together.

Payment Options?

Absolutely! Springfree® offer a range of payment options. Credit card, gift card, BPAY, Paypal (including pay in 4) as well as interest free finance options including Afterpay, ZIP and humm90. They also offer FREE DELIVERY on all trampolines Australia wide and an installation option if DIY isn’t your idea of fun.

The Extras

Springfree® also offer a range of accessories which make great add on gifts over the years you’ll have your trampoline. Add a FlexrHoop™️ basketball hoop, a ladder or a sunshade but the one extra I would HIGHLY recommend are the shifting wheels, especially if you’re a bit of a grass fanatic and want to be able to move your trampoline to different areas of the lawn easily. The wheels slip under the frame legs making it easy for one adult to move the trampoline anywhere you like.

To browse the full range of Springfree Trampolines and order online visit their website

We purchased our Springfree Trampoline but were gifted Springfree FlexrStep ™️ ladder, FlexrHoop™️ and shifting wheels for the purpose of this review. This review also contains affiliate links which means that which means Kids in Adelaide receive a small commission if you make a purchase using this link, so if you do, we thank you!

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