Hand feed a ginormous giraffe, help put the lions to bed or even tickle a rhino behind the ears…there are so many amazing animal experiences available for everyone at Monarto Safari Park.

With a wide range of experiences available for all ages and budgets, including the Lions 360 Experience there’s something for everyone, especially the kids!

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  • Hand feed Giant Pandas, Wang Wang and Fu Ni, get up close to meerkats as they run across your lap in search of treats, help feed the Little Penguins or experience a day in the life of a Zoo Keeper… plus so much more! Get within a whisker of some of the world’s most awe-inspiring animals with a behind the scenes Animal Experience at Adelaide Zoo. With a wide range of experiences available for all ages and budgets, there’s something for everyone. After your Animal Experience, don't forget to visit the Variety Children's Zoo and the Nature Playground. Plus, if your kids really can't get enough Zoo fun, consider enrolling them into A To Zoo sessions for pre-schoolers. Book your tickets or purchase a gift voucher online today and discover more experiences atwww.adelaidezoo.com.au/animal-experiences

  • Are you ready to explore the wild?Discover the largest safari experience outside of Africa. Spanning more than 1,500 hectares and home to more than 50 species of exotic and native animals, you can fit every major Australian zoo within Monarto Safari Park and still have land left over!. Walk the wildBreathe in the fresh air, stretch your legs and explore the open plains of Monarto Safari Park. With 12kms of walking trails between the new Visitor Centre and animal viewing platforms, you can walk the entire trail or combine a walk with the bus. The majority of the walking trails are accessible for robust pushers and wheelchairs and are signposted throughout. Relax and Play in the wildMonarto Safari Park also has a number of nature-inspired play areas where kids can run free range. Stop at the cafe for a leisurely coffee taking in the stunning view as the kids let loose in the nearby playground. Take five in the rhino Boma area as kids become safari rangers and cool off in the sprinklers alongside a mob of mischievous meerkats. And after a day exploring and playing don’t be surprised if it’s a very quiet car ride home… sssshhhhh Get Up…

  • Take a walk of the brave! There are plenty of amazing Animal Experiences at Monarto Safari Park, but we think this one is a must do! Monarto Safari Park’s 360-degree lion experience is all about getting YOU up close with the amazing African Lion. This jaw-dropping encounter gives you a prey’s-eye view into the world of these awesome predators. If you’ve been to Monarto Safari Park (and if you haven’t THIS is your reason to go), you’ll know the bus ride out to the 10-hectare home of the lions is all part of the adventure. Drive past the giraffes and rhinos, and arrive at the Lions 360 dome… but this time YOU’LL be the one on the inside. Keepers told us this was an enriching experience for the lions just as much as it was for us humans. The lions were very inquisitive and got a good look at us from ALL angles. When they say “up close” they really mean it! You can even hand feed a lion with the feed package (minimum age 10). Seeing these beautiful carnivores so close is an awesome family experience accessible to all. Kids of all ages can check out Lions 360 and…