Animal Experiences on Kangaroo Island

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Kangaroo Island is synonymous with Australian animals. I mean, it literally has KANGAROO in the name! But even if you’ve grown up in Australia & are used to seeing our animals, there is still something super exciting about spotting a kangaroo or koala or seeing some cool birds that you don’t get to see everyday. You can’t go to Kangaroo Island without having at least one or two animals encounters & we all know that kids get beyond excited when it comes to animal fun. Here are some of the spots around the Island to have the best fur, scales & feather experiences.

  1. Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park
    Almost smack bang in the middle of the Island, you’ll find Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park . There are over 600 animals with everything from dingoes, wallabies, penguins, pelicans, reptiles, koalas & of course, kangaroos. You can wander the park, watch one of the Keeper Animal Presentations or even book a cuddle with a koala! Since the KI Bushfires in January 2020, the Park is also home to the Kangaroo Island Koala and Wildlife Rescue Centre, so the kids will also have a chance to learn about animal rescue.
  2. Seal Bay
    We love Seal Bay so much, we have written a whole article about it – check it out here. You can stroll the 900m return pram friendly boardwalk or book a guided tour to see the endangered sea lions & learn more about their behaviour & habitat. Make sure you also have a look around the Visitor Centre for some educational fun!

3. Raptor Domain
Raptor Domain is a Conservation Centre – their staff are passionate about the protection & conservation of birds. Their daily shows are not only entertaining, they also educate visitors on the importance of research, rescue & rehabilitation. You’ll meet an array of birds from kookaburras, cockatoos & barn owls, through to impressive wedge tailed eagles & black kites. There is also a reptile show which the kids will love just as much, including lizards, pythons & an assortment of creepy crawlies.
4. American River
Take a stroll around American River on the western shore of Eastern Cove & see wallabies, black cockatoos, pelicans, swans, possums & more in their natural habitat. There is a BBQ area & multiple cafes in the area. Every second morning, the staff from the Mercure Kangaroo Island Lodge feed the pelicans around 9am. The American River Wharf is still a working wharf, so the kids can have a bit of insight into what goes on. For best animal activity viewing, head over at sunset or sunrise.

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