BMX Track Brighton – Clay BMX Pump Track the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

If your family LOVE bike riding as much as ours does then we KNOW that you’ll LOVE this awesome new Brighton Pump Track where the whole family can hone and show off their skills on their bikes!

This seriously cool clay Pump Track is a series of small dirt mounds and banked turns over a 1350sq m site, located right near the Brighton Train Station. Cyclists travel around the track using their own momentum rather than pedalling Рso the kids will love it even more than usual!

Image from Instagram: @maiteoz

Image from Instagram: @trailscapes


The Brighton BMX Pump Track is located on Commercial Road, Brighton – just north of the Brighton Train Station.

Frequented by young and old alike, you’ll see a mix of families and friends getting involved in this highly physical activity, enjoying the challenge.

The track closes periodically after severe weather to preserve the surface.

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