If you are heading to the states South East or on a road trip to Melbourne or any where along Dukes Highway, Keith Playground (around 2.5 hours from Adelaide) is an iconic MUST stop. Their famous ‘train’ could well be the last of the states REAL fun old school play equipment and I guarantee your kids will run and run and play and burn energy ready to get back in the car.

The park also offers a large lawn area, BBQ’s, bins and toilets. There is a little shade and a few shady trees. While the play ground is not fenced it is off of the main highway on a service road and the play area is across a huge grassed area way from even the service road traffic and parking.

Keith the township has a great bakery (The Morning Loaf) and also worth looking for the ‘Land-rover on a Pole’ the ‘Army Tank’ and the ‘CFS shed wall mural’.

We hope this playground never looses its iconic train-coaster. We have stopped here literally hundreds of times and haven’t seen any kids hurt beyond scun knees from running too fast on the gravel.

Even if you are heading to Mount Gambier via Dukes Hwy, you would generally turn off just before the town – totally worth driving a few hundred meters up the road.

Check it out here: