Parents of busy toddlers. We see you! We ARE you!
Our toddlers are up, awake and ready for action the second they open their eyes in the morning, and although we LOVE their enthusiasm we also love 5 minutes of quiet time to redo your Mum bun, sip on our cold coffee or maybe even sneak in a trip to the toilet for a wee without an audience. We’ve come up with a few of our favourite go-to toddler activities so you can catch you breath.

  • Foamy water and some kitchen utensils
  • Freeze small toys in containers of water and watch them try and work out how to get them out
  • A bag of soup mix, some spoons and bowls and other safe kitchen utensils
  • Water painting. Let them outside with a few paint brushes and a cup of water and let them “paint” the walls, the fence, the path
  • Cutting the grass with safety scissors
  • Spray bottle full of water and ask them to water the garden
  • Shaving cream on the shower screen or a window (might need to be supervised if you have little ones who like to taste test
  • Car Wash/Baby Bath – fill a bucket with soapy water and get them to clean their toy cars or give baby doll a bath
  • Ice painting – Prepare an ice cube tray with different colours of food dye mixed with water and stick a pop stick in each one as a handle. When frozen, tip out and paint! So much fun! A little messy so this one is great to do in an empty bath if stuck inside!
  • Let them go wild in the tupperware cupboard.

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