This is actually, a cool little playground. The equipment is all new and modern, with several big sets that suit your little tackers as well as your aspiring teen ninjas. I can also attest that the equipment will hold over 100kg of clumsy climbing parent. 

It incorporates some great nature play features which Mr 5 loved (especially the chain and bucket pulley system to move sand around the place), as well as stock standard swings and the good old big round swingy thing which I am yet to find a suitable name for. 

But here is the deal. The location is a shocker. Like real bad. Smack bang in the heart of the Darlington road work balls up, it was a nightmare to get too. Bit of an achievement to make it at all to be honest. It would probably be more suited for when visiting Flinders Medical Center, and just popping over the road to kill some time. 

Sadly that isn’t where the bad news ends. No toilets, no shade, no fencing and very minimal parking (pretty sure I parked illegally just to have a play), plus not a lot of seating for the adults to sit and watch. 

Bit of a shame because the actual playground itself is really good, just a tough spot and with a bit of extra love, this could be a real attraction to the area. 

Francis Street, Bedford Park