Exciting news to hear that our State Government and Marion Council have approved funding for a MASSIVE multi million dollar nature play space – expected to be even bigger and better than our ever popular St Kilda and Morialta Playgrounds. The new nature play space will sit inside Glenthorne National Park – right here in Adelaide’s South.

The new ‘St Kilda of the South” as it’s being referred is yet to have a set design, however we can expect to see it commissioned in the very near future with an opening date in 2021

Environment Minister David Speirs says it will be a ‘must visit’ playground that will attract thousands to the National Park.

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Glenthorne National Park opened in May 2019, and the planned play space is just one small part of an exciting area that will allow the use of existing and new infrastructure to create an accessible and inclusive network of open space rich in environmental and cultural value, authentically connected to surrounding communities.

The unique new national park is a mosaic of open space, each part unique but together forming a rich tapestry.

image credit: www.glenthorne.sa.gov.au