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Recently a few of the KiA kids participated in a Kids First Aid course run by Karyn from Head 2 Toe First Aid.

I’ve been wanting to book this in for aaages and it’s just one of those things that got put off and put off but was constantly niggling in my brain, I knew I had to just to make it a priority and BOOK IT IN.

First Aid is SO important, and we’re warned all the time that even just basic First Aid SAVES LIVES so why we don’t make more of an effort to make sure our WHOLE family has at least a basic knowledge is crazy.

Classes are 90 minutes and are aimed at kids aged 7+ They can be booked as part of one of Karyn’s Community Classes or even better you can get a group of your family and friends together and organise an individualised in-home session, which is what we did. I love this option because it gives your kids the chance to learn with their siblings and friends who are quite likely to be the ones around if/when an emergency happens. The kids worked together on the fun games and scenarios given to them and you could really see the info sinking in. They were all riveted and really eager to get hands on practicing bandaging, CPR, the recovery position and more.

Some of the topics covered include the below, but will depend on the age of the children.

  • How to recognise if someone needs help
  • How to recognise when someone is unconscious
  • When and how to call 000 including how to make an emergency call from a locked phone.
  • When and how to put someone in the recovery position
  • Choking prevention and first aid
  • Drowning prevention and first aid
  • How to stop bleeding
  • Bandaging skills
  • CPR

Karyn really engages with the kids, she makes eye contact, gets down low to their level, sits on the floor, answers questions and makes this really important information stick in little brains by making it fun. There’s music, fake blood and emergency role plays, The kids really loved it and I feel so much better knowing that they have that little bit of learning that hopefully won’t, but possibly might, be very important one day.

Make this your early New Years Resolution and register your interest for either a Community course or a Private in-home course and Karyn will be in touch.

To find out more about Head2Toe First Aid visit
Facebook: /head2toefirstaid
Instagram: /head2toefirstaid

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