Right across the road from the Minlaton Caravan Park and the Minlaton Playground is the HJ & Brian Cook Native Animal Reserve.  You can’t go inside, but take the kids for a walk around the perimeter to have a look at the emus, wallabies and birdlife.

There are a few shady seats around the outside for you to sit and watch the animals. The emus were as curious about us as we were about them and followed us the whole way around!

When we visited, there were tiny emu chicks which were just adorable!

The wallabies were harder to spot but it was lovely seeing them in such a natural habitat eating and cleaning themselves or sunning themselves.

For a free bit of entertainment, we think this is a great way to spend half an hour while you are on the Yorke Peninsula!

Find it on Spencer Hwy, Minlaton

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  • Find it at: Fowler Terrace, Price We have found the perfect stop for the kids to stretch their legs, get some fresh air and have a snack while you are road tripping on the Yorke Peninsula. Price is on the eastern side of the leg (back of the thigh, if you will!), about half an hour before Ardrossan. It’s not a huge town, it’s known mainly for its salt processing plant but the playground sits on the edge of the town adjacent the salt flats and comes complete with toilets, a bbq and a pub across the road! It is also under shade cloth, so perfect for warm days. The kids loved the monkey bars, swings, climbing apparatus and actually spent a lot of time playing noughts and crosses! There are also one of those fitness stations for the adults next to it, if you are so inclined! This certainly isn’t the fanciest playground around, but it does the job for a quick play and runaround!