Where: Maitland Road, Minlaton

Ah Yorke Peninsula! One of our favourite places in the state, if not the country. Full of so many wonderful experiences for your family adventures, including some pretty sweet playgrounds to check out as you hit the small towns. This little beauty is at Minlaton, which was the ideal stop for us after smashing down a breaky at the Minlaton Bakery.

Before we get to the playground, first you need to have a look at the Captain Harry Butler Memorial, where just in front of the playground you will find his famous monoplane the ‘Red Devil’. We love a bit of history and it was fantastic to read up about this local hero and his achievements so many years ago in WW1. Mr 7 really loved the big planes and also the little replica displays next to it. A really cool thing to check out.

But the playground behind is well worth a half hour play, with so much to check out. We will warn you there is a lot of sand. Bucketloads of it to be exact, with the whole playground one big sand pit. Not ideal for access for everyone but it does allow for a soft surface to fall on with all the climbing equipment.

There is plenty here for all ages, with our whole clan having a lot of equipment to play on which we loved. There are toilets, its fully fenced and part of it is shaded with a big tree. We can imagine it getting bloody hot here in summer though so bear that in mind. There is also a nice skate park next door with a few ramps for the kids to skate around on. It isn’t as huge as other skate parks, with it being, but if you have the scooters and bikes on board it is perfect for a play.