Located behind the Kauri Community Sports Centre this NEW playground is a great addition to this community space. With a pirate ship theme and its bright colours it is very hard to miss. Featuring a little something for everyone.

I would say that this playground is for ages 3 and up with a few little pieces for the younger toddlers. The bright blue smiley face tubular slide is probably the hot attraction along with lots of climbing obstacles to challenge a few different levels. You will find lots of ropes to climb up, over and through along with several styles of rock climbing. The rock climbing cube being the most challenging and interesting piece for the energetic.

The main area of equipment also features an all access area with lots of games and musical chimes for the kids to utilise at the top. My 2 year old especially loved this area and spent a lot of time here. The playground also features a merry go round, sea saw, swing set including nest and baby swing. There is also some grass at one end for the kids to run around on

The playground is located right near the car park and is partially fenced and has a ramp and gate access. One end is open to the grassed area and the kids CAN access the car park road from this end. The play space has a picnic table, NO Shade and whilst NO toilets you could use the Kauri Community Sports centre toilets if open. It is a great little playground with a few new play equipment pieces we have not seen before which is always fun for the kids.