MOD. is a place for kids who love hands on, interaction and all things STEM!
There’s a mix of diverse and sensory activities catering for a wide range of ages, knowledge and capabilities. These are spaces for doing, not just seeing and best of all it’s TOTALLY FREE!

Kids will be inspired about all things science and technology and although their website states that the exhibitions are primarily aimed at older kids (ages 15+) we’ve taken our younger ones and they’ve also really enjoyed this space. Parents you might just need to interact and guide little ones through.

There are also events and exhibitions that happen regularly at MOD.
From Jan – November 2024 check out “Broken” – an exploration of how the world could be different if we imagined new ways of being. If our old systems are broken, what should we build in their place?
A captivating and interactive experience for the whole family. The futuristic atmosphere and interactive elements will transport you to another world, making it an immersive and exciting adventure from start to finish.

There is an inhouse cafe and MOD. shop where you can grab a bite to eat and shop for products inspired by research, science and design.

Opening Hours
10am-5pm Tuesday – Saturday
Closed Monday and Public Holidays

For more information about what’s on and to help plan your visit head to

MOD. is located in the UniSA Bradley Building (Purruna Wardli). North Terrace, adjacent to the Morphett Street Bridge, in the Adelaide CBD. MOD. is built on Kaurna Country.

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