We went along to test out the awesome new Modbury Civic Park playground and the kids had a blast! With something for kids of all ages we think you’re going to love it too. There is a lot of equipment in a medium sized space so you can keep kids of various ages happy without running all over the town!

Modbury Civic Park Playground
Modbury Civic Park Playground

To get to the point quickly, what we loved about Mondbury Civic Park playground :

  • The all access wheelchar friendly/seated carousel spinner. Even though it’s big, a couple of 5 year olds can manage to spin it with 10 kids onboard!
  • The different areas for different ages/abilities.
  • The 3 story high climbing castle with various slides, bridges, climbing nets and more.
  • The awesome multiperson ‘snake swing’ as out kids called it.
  • The 3 different spinning options for different aged kids.
  • The softfall rubber underneat most of the play equipment (sand under some too).
  • The shade cover to the smaller kids play equipment.
  • Multiple see-saw and springer equipment includeing the super cool firetruck.
  • We love some of the different equipment that we haven’t seen elsewhere before – it’s not just all the same gear as usual.
  • The big bank of different swing types – including baby swings, regular and birdsnest options.
  • Heaps of rope climbing net options in all 3 play areas.
  • LOTS of shaded seating for adults with good visibility of most of the area.
  • Multipe BBQs, drink fountain with bubbler and water bottle refill station.
  • Toilets nearby.
  • The Tea Tree Gully Library is a lovely space with good cafe, toy library etc and is just across the grass from this great new playground.

There were a few detractors in our opinion, although there is clearly still some work going on so some of these may be fixed in time.

  • Firstly, there is a small creek very close to the playground that does have water in it at times – much of it is fenced off but not all at this stage – please take extra care.
  • The play area for the smallest kids is awesome and almost fully fenced BUT there are two ‘entrances’  (both on one side thankfully) that lead directly onto the rest of the play area so while the kids aren’t escaping from all sides, you do need to be careful of them.
  • The carparks aren’t all currently open as the Carols are on this weekend, but even when they are open it’s still 100m walk with all your gear from most of the nearest carparks. When the shops/park/library is busy there are limited carparks in the area.

Modbury Civic Park Playground